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Locations of World Run Day 2013 Participants
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2014 World Run Day Participant Instructions
Register for one of our 2013/2014 HOLIDAY runs to get a low WRD2014 Bib#

Official World Run Day 2014
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Our 1st batch of Event T-Shirts was mailed out to our early-registered participants!

Independence Day Run - July 4, 2014

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How to Participate:

: Create your course for the day. Whether it's a local training route or competitive course - make it "your run" for yourself, family, and friends. Runners worldwide will be doing the same. Use social media to inform your personal community of your plans.

Dedicate: Choose a cause, person, or favorite quote that you would like to dedicate your run to. Add this information during the registration process and we will post it on our site. You can also donate to any charity in the world - and we'll record your effort.

Run: Partake in one of the world's best activities for your health. Run at your own pace by yourself, with family, or with friends.

Belong: Partake in a running event on this day shared by thousands of runners across the world: Be part of The Power of Runners Worldwide.

Share: Share your Run Day photos with all of us by posting on our dedicated Photo Gallery.

Please join us for our unique Virtual Run series which co-oincide with major holidays that occur throughout the United States (and beyond). This is an opportunity to run with others across the USA and other countries, get our world--famous World Run Day event t-shirt and post a message on our website to others in the running community.

Event Participants:


World Run Day Participants celebrate the sport of running by promoting the health benefits of running to others - while running “their own course” for the day. Running, either by themselves or with small groups, many participants also pledge a monetary donation directly to their favorite charity. All registrants are mailed the 2014 event t-shirt. A customized E-BIB is also created for each runner. Join the many runners this year participating! By signing up for one of our Holiday Runs you are automatically registered for World Run Day.

The E-BIB:

The E-Bib was created for runners who treasure their Running Bibs more than an Event T-Shirt, we customize an Electronic Bib complete with Name, City, State, and Country. Runners are then assigned a bib number based upon their date of registration (earlier registration = lower number). Note: When you register for the event t-shirt you automatically get assigned an E-BIB.


Once registered, runners are placed on our Participant Map - which is a map highlighting your location in the running world. By clicking on the icon next to your city you will see displayed your last name and city of residence.



"RUN DAY" Group Events Hosted All Year Round

Pick any day to host a "Run Day" in your community. Set the day, create the course, and order a Gift Box of Official World Run Day Event T-Shirts (10). Your RUN DAY can celebrate a birthday, be a charity fundraiser, or test the running skills of school children. Whatever the reason, you'll guarantee more runner participation on World Run Day - and we sincerely appreciate that!


World Run Day Group Events

Register as a team, members of a school, or group by ordering a Gift Box of Official World Run Day Event T-shirts (10 shirts per box). Plan early to guarantee on-time delivery (2 weeks).


Results of our World Run Day 2013 MAP

World Run Day Event Shirt Distribution:


When individuals register throughout the year, we will mail the new World Run Day Event T-shirt. Expect to get your shirt within 1-2 weeks.

Our 2014 Toolkit and Images(coming in August 2014)

World Run Day Toolkit 2013

Charity Groups, Schools, and Running Clubs are invited to host World Run Day and join with other runners around the world in a fantastic display of running. World Run Day is considered by some as "the ultimate good" as it is good for yourself and good for others - including local charities around the globe. World Run Day is a member of Running USA whose mission is to advance the growth and success of the running industry in America. If you missed us this year, it's not too late to start planning for next year!

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