What is World Run Day?

For the past decade, World Run Day is a running event held annually in November to celebrate running and charitable giving. It is recognized as both the International Day of Running and the International Day of Charity. Your support will help it grow into the largest running event on earth.

Why did World Run Day decide to organize this event?

World Run Day is a celebration of running. Runners can participate anywhere: a road, a treadmill, in a park, on a beach... anywhere they can run! Group events form randomly and are organized by passionate runners in cities both large and small. Our goal is to connect with other runners worldwide and make charitable donations to local causes.

What is the main goal of the event?

The main goal for the event is to celebrate running and also highlight the health benefits of running to the local media. In a time where obesity and other health concerns plague areas throughout the world, running is one of the best remedies towards a healthy lifestyle. Contact the media to show your support of running and tell them of your plans to celebrate World Run Day!

What makes World Run Day different from other running events?

The World Run Day event attempts to reach passionate runners on a global scope on the same day. We’ve created registration sites in cities all over the world that will connect runners virtually for a fantastic charity event. You decide where you will run, you decide which charity you will donate to. You decide how to participate in the most celebrated day in the running community. Seize the day and become part of the spirit of World Run Day.

Where will it be held?

World Run Day will be held everywhere - there are no limitations. It was created with the template of Earth Day and New Year's Day. Celebrate it wherever you like. Form a group and invite others to join. The event is open to everyone, everywhere. If you cannot find your city on one of the registration sites, register on our home page. Pay attention to USA registration vs. overseas registration as it will cost more to ship your official World Run Day event shirt overseas.

How were the registration cities selected?

Over 10,000 people have registered for World Run Day in the history of the event. We choose the most popular cities (by population) for as many countries as possible. In some instances runners request that their city be added for a group event - not just for the virtual event.

How do I sign up?

Visit active.com or other registration site to access a registration site near your city. We intentionally put "area" at the end of running locations in order to convey the fact that you can register at the closest city (or on our runday.com home page if you'd like). Your event t-shirt will be mailed to you within a short time after registration.

When do I sign up?

You can officially sign up for World Run Day any time throughout the year. We've even created a Virtual Run Series for every month throughout the year - register and you are automatically registered for World Run Day. We appreciate participants wearing their event shirts throughout the summer and fall months to help publicize the event.

What distance do I run?

World Run Day runners can choose any distance. It is a good idea to train for your specific distance throughout the year and then monitor your improvement up to World Run Day. You may be the inspiration for others to start a running program that will pay health dividends.

Is there a registration deadline?

You may register up to and including the day of the event. Obviously, when you register has a bearing on when you will receive your official World Run Day event t-shirt.

Do I have to wear the shirt?

Other runners worldwide will be wearing their shirt before, during, and after the event - take pictures and upload to your favorite photo site, send them to the local press, and cherish the memory of running for a special cause.

Are there going to be training runs in my city?

In prior years, World Run Day had training runs whereby runners practiced on their favorite running route - and dedicated a run to a special individual or cause. We will continue to have virtual training runs to help publicize the event for early registrants.

How much does the event cost?

Visit your local registration site for more information on the registration fee. Registration fees include the cost of creating the World Run Day event shirt, mailing the shirt, posting runner names and information, and upkeep of the World Run Day web site/communication program. A small fee is also incurred for credit card processing.

How do I find out who else will be participating?

Our goal is to list as many runners as possible on our event site. Every month the list of participants is updated on our site. Look for the link of current year registrants at the top of our home page. We also keep a list of the prior year participants --- and an archive (which sometimes is not in the current web site format).

How many people will be participating?

We are anticipating thousands of people to participate. With your help using social media web sites, e-mails to friends and family, and by simple word of mouth, we are hoping for a bigger and better World Run Day each and every year. Take charge by "claiming your city" and hosting a small World Run Day event.

What will race day be like?

Hopefully, in some future year, there will be a frenzy of fit runners joyously celebrating the most perfect activity on the planet. On race day this year it may be a smaller group - whose intent will be to celebrate the event with the same enthusiasm as those in future years.

Check the web site for details on how to host the event this year.

What music will be playing?

Some areas may have music; other runners will experience the event with their favorite music from an ipod or similar MP3 player!

Will I get to see what’s going on in other cities on race day?

We rely on our running ambassadors to post images and videos from their cities. Send photo's and videos to your local media. Post them on your blog, running club page, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrist, or other social media web site

Will there be a charity component for World Run Day?

Yes. We ask (not require) all runners to make a donation to a local charity - in the spirit of the day. Thousands of charities have benefited from donations made by runners on World Run Day. Mail donations directly to the charity of your choice. World Run Day does not accept donations. Send them directly to the charity of your choice.

Why doesn't World Run Day become a separate charity and have donations sent to them?

That's been done before ... this is a unique event to benefit local charities. We hope to grow it on a local basis.

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