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World Run Day was founded in 1999. The vision: runners worldwide running for their favorite charities on one special day. The event reached a few media publications in late October 1999 and several more papers and web sites in 2000. In 2001, many "group events" were planned in 43 locations throughout the world. The September 11th attack impacted many events scheduled. Those that remained experienced much success. Over 3,000 runners worldwide participated.

Held last November, runners ran by themselves, in major races, and also in small fun runs. Reviews were all extremely favorable! How this event can reach out to the entire world became the project, the mission. This past year the "virtual run" was emphasized due to escalating costs to produce events and the lack of sponsor funds in many areas.

Now that the event has been piloted in different parts of the world, 2012 is the year that World Run Day reaches out to running clubs and charities throughout the globe. Runner's World Magazine in both the USA and Australia had news of World Run Day on their home pages in past years. Mentions of the event have appeared in Runner's World - USA, Runner's World - Australia/New Zealand, Runner's World Spain, and Runner's World UK - in addition to many other trade magazines, local newspapers, and even television! A station in Nebraska recently aired information regarding our HOLIDAY RUN - part of our Virtual Run Series for 2010-2011.

Event Coordinator: Bill McDermott

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Bill McDermott conceptualized the global event World Run Day in March 1999. An annual and unique one-day fundraiser, World Run Day benefits both local and international charities by celebrating running and charity. Runners register to run their favorite distance and pledge a donation to their favorite charity. Results are posted and then calculated for a worldwide total. It's uniquely structured for donations to benefit "any charity on the face of the earth." It's commonly referred to as "an International Day of Charity." In 2006 he partnered with the United Nation's World Food Programme to help end child hunger with World Run Day. Nearly 100,000 hungry children were fed as a result of the event. In future years we will be looking for corporations to embrace the event with their employees. He works on the event part-time as he has a full time job in NYC. He can be contacted generally between 7-11 PM during the week and on weekends.

World Run Day invests a small percentage of t-shirt sales to fund web site administration, advertising, and research to promote the event. Materials provide guidance for small-budget running events. One-hundred percent (100%) of runner donations go directly to charity. World Run Day hopes to spread the concept throughout the world by Internet promotion, search engine submission, and direct contact with running clubs, passionate runners, corporations, and the media.

Runners (including walkers and the physically challenged) will celebrate World Run Day globally this November. How? Where? Similar to New Year's Eve 2000, people elect the how and where. They can run in a race, with family, with friends, or even by themselves. They can enter a local 50-yard dash, local 5k race, marathon, or even run on their treadmill watching a marathon! It's for runners of all ages. They run, they donate. They are part of a great global event!

How do they make a donation to "any charity on the face of the earth?" They write a check, large or small, and mail it directly to their favorite charity. Individual results are posted by each runner. A sample entry follows:

Name Sex/Age City State Distance Time Charity Amount
Abara Jeph M/55 Arlington TX 5k 21:50 UNICEF xx.xx

Fact Sheet:
Event Established: 1999 with over 27,000 participants to date.
1999 Participants: over 100 in under 75 cities
2000 Participants: over 400 in over 100 cities
2001 Participants: over 3,000 in over 200 cities
2002 Participants: over 1,000 in over 300 cities
2003 Participants: over 3,000 in over 600 cities world-wide
2004 Participants: over 4,500 runners world-wide
2005 Participants: over 2,000 runners world-wide
2006 Participants: over 3,000 runners world-wide
2007 Participants: over 2,500 runners world-wide
2008 Participants: over 2,000 runners world-wide
2009 Participants: over 2,000 runners world-wide
2010 Participants: over 2,000 runners world-wide
2011 Participants: over 2,000 runners world-wide
2012 Participants: over 2,500 runners world-wide
2013 Participants: over 2,500 runners world-wide
2014 Participants: over 2,000 runners world-wide

Youngest Donor: 4 Years Old
Oldest Donor: 65 Years Old
Shortest Distance: 50 yard Dash
Longest Distance: 26.2 Miles
Largest Donation: $12,000 (2000)

The fact sheet tells only a small story of this event. A woman in Minnesota held her first running fundraiser ever in 2001 (World Run Day - Twin Cities) and drew 850 participants. In 2007 video was used extensively with an innovative On-Line Runners Expo introduced.

A group of residents on the island of Cape Verde (west coast of Africa) plastered brochures throughout the island, ran, and donated on World Run Day in 1999.

A five-year old in New Jersey ran in the event and donated $35 to the Lighthouse Foundation, and a city in New York (Long Beach) held a small informal event on the boardwalk by the Atlantic Ocean. An event whereby people in different places of the world can share in one great event ... World Run Day.

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