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World Run Day is Near

Celebrate the day by running and donating to a local charity

NEW YORK, November 7 – Runners scattered across the USA on beaches, local streets, and parks will once again emerge to celebrate World Run Day on November 9th.
The event asks them simply to run on their own, with family, or friends and donate to a charity of their choice. Many will be posting their own favorite running course, their charity of choice, and also included heart-felt quotes on the event web site. Registration ($17.99) is available for many different US cities at now thru Nov 9th. All participants are supplied with an event shirt, listing on the event site and interactive map, and will download a personalized runner bib.

A few blocks around the neighborhood, a half-hour on the treadmill, or even by entering into a local racing event, runners can share with others their enthusiasm for the sport of running. Joining in one of the healthiest activities on the planet, they become part of the International Day for Running with runners world-wide. Virtually any person that runs can register for this unique running-fundraiser; many can't wait to receive their colorful event t-shirt in the mail.

The Associated Press recently reported that the nation's 400 biggest charities shows donations dropped by 11 percent in past years. That's the worst decline in the 20 years since the Chronicle of Philanthropy began keeping a tally. Over 1,000 separate charities have benefited from World Run Day since 1999. Thousands of runners have participated in the past as individual runners or with small groups in both large and small cities alike. Notable celebrities such as Sting have helped to promote the cause in prior years. Most promotion has been achieved through local media, newsletters created by runners themselves, and social media sites.

Images and background information for reproduction in news media, are available on the event website.


About World Run Day
World Run Day was founded to celebrate the sport of running worldwide. Our mission is to broaden and promote the health benefits of running while also encouraging runners to donate to their own favorite charity on this special day. We support our mission by providing free tools to either individuals or groups who are interested in hosting a World Run Day event in their community. Through a combination of communications to members of the running community, the running industry, and various media outlets, we plan to bring awareness of the event internationally.

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