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Creative Running Event Takes Shape in USA

Over 1300 Runners Across 50 States Express Themselves Thru "Virtual Running"

NEW YORK, NY Oct. 17 Genius can strike from the mind .... and from the feet!

World Run Day 2011asks runners world-wide to run their own special route and make a donation to their own favorite charity on Sunday Nov 6th. It's a creative effort by runners to publicize the sport of running and also support local charities wherever they live. Thus far, over 1300 runners across the USA have pre-registered for the event at which rewards them with an official event running shirt, a unique bib, and will list them among other like-minded runners throughout the USA. Runners also provide a description of their route, thought-provoking quotes, and charity information to express themselves on the big day. Some groups have also formed for the day.

"No matter where they live, every runner can be a part of the event,” says Bill McDermott , president and founder of World Run Day. Using Earth Day as a model, runners enjoy the freedom to be creative to promote the sport of running. On the roads, the beach, a park, or even on a treadmill, the runners are committed to celebrating the day and raising some monies for charity. A professional quality video for promoting the event was recently released.

Rock star Sting and wife Trudie Styler once lent support to the World Run Day event by stating: "It is a great way for people around the world to come together and raise money for charity". For more information, contact Bill McDermott at (917) 626-9623, or browse the World Run Day web site at

About World Run Day
World Run Day was founded to celebrate the sport of running worldwide. Our mission is to broaden and promote the health benefits of running while also encouraging runners to donate to their own favorite charity on this special day. We support our mission by providing free tools to either individuals or groups who are interested in hosting a World Run Day event in their community. Awareness is achieved through a combination of communications to members of the running community, the running industry, and various media outlets.

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