Date: 10/24/2013

Contact: Bill McDermott, (516) 208-7030,

Runners in USA celebrate fitness and charity on World Run Day - Nov 10th

Annual event has runners mailing donations to local charities

Long Beach, NY World Run Day, the international day for running and charitable giving, takes place this year on Sunday, November 10th.

For 15 years, World Run Day continues to be celebrated in the USA by runners in all 50 states. They'll create their own running course, dedicate their run, and donate to a unique charity. Some will also run as a small group. Once registered the runners are listed on alphabetically by state. The site displays where they run, charities they donate to, and other personal information. Every year the event benefits over 1,000 unique charities and mails out to its participants the coveted World Run Day event t-shirt and runner bib. Its not all for one charity; but all for their individual charity - which makes the event different.

After recovering from Hurricane Sandy last fall, World Run Day's headquarters (in devastated Long Beach, NY), has been activated for the 2013 event. Over 800 registration sites were built to accommodate the event at Runners who are already registered are listed on the World Run Day web site. A Google Map displays pinpoints representing each runner's city and also shows last name

“People enjoy taking part in World Run Day. They can participate where they live, use their creativity for course-making, and be freed of the cost and inconvenience of travelling. There's no other event like it” says Bill McDermott , president and founder of World Run Day.

Rock star Sting and wife Trudie Styler have supported the World Run Day event by stating: "It is a great way for people around the world to come together and raise money for charity". For more information, contact Bill McDermott, or browse the World Run Day web site at




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