A sincere Thank You to all WORLD RUN DAY 2012 Participants! We had over 2500 runners this year!

We hope to see you for World Run Day 2013 - coming Sunday, November 10th.

Participant listing for WORLD RUN DAY (November 11, 2012)
Note: All Virtual Run participants are automatically registered for World Run Day

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First Name Last Name City State Distance Ideal World Run Day start time Where do you plan to start your run Charity Name Donation Amount Message to post to runday.com
Stacy Boumenot Ashburnham MA         $5 One mile at a time...
Andi Duplessie Athol MA 5 9:00 AM Athol High School, Main Street, Athol MA Wounded Warrior Project $25 I'm dedicating this run to the Wounded Warriors.
Stephanie Goulette Athol MA 5 9:00 AM Athol High School 2363 Main Street ASPCA $35 The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated
Stephanie Goulette Athol MA 5 9:00 AM Athol High School 2363 Main Street ASPCA $35 The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated
Elaine Knowles Athol MA 5 9:00 AM Athol High School ASPCA $20 World Run Day, running for a cause..because I can!
dawn esposito-smith attleboro MA 3.1 9:00 AM attleboro high school hasbro children's hospital $50 i'm redefining what 40 means! :) dedicated to my 3 children! xo
Dawn Masakowski Auburn MA 3.1 5:00 PM James to Stafford to Heard to Lanark to Clover. Clover to Marilyn, up Lincoln & back to Otis Riley's Fight to Knock Out Cancer $20 BELIEVE
MARY NELLE ANDERSON AYER MA 4 8:00 AM 64 E Main St, towards High School Ayer Loaves & Fishes $10 Running for Fun and Health!
Nick Mascoli Bedford MA 6.2 7:00 AM 13 Copeland Drive   $5 Everyone- Have Great Run!
Jacqueline Page Bedford MA Not Sure 9:00 AM Not sure, probably near Bedford. Maybe the historical Battle Road in Lexington, MA TBD $100 Get out run with me!
Andrea Landry Beverly MA 3.1 6:00 AM Louise Rosetti Race route Dana Farber Cancer Institute $25 Good luck!
Donald Russo Beverly MA 3.1 9:00 AM Track American Cancer Society $25 Running for my wife who died of cancer in 2008.
Constance Woodbury Beverly MA 3.1 9:00 AM Ober St, Lynch Park, Beverly, MA Kiva $100 Cousins Challenge""
Bridget Brooke Boston MA 15 9:00 AM     $20 This run is for you, Patrick
Marcus Hoige Brighton MA 13.1 10:00 AM Corner of N.beacon st. And Everett st. in Allston, MA http://www.charitywater.org/ $5 Twitter.com/marcushoige
Chelsea Myers Brighton MA 8 6:00 AM   L'Arche $10 Wherever you go, go with all of your heart.""
Amanda Stearns Brookline MA 6 9:00 AM     $20 You've got what it takes, but it'll take everything you've got
Stephanie Hudson Cambridge MA 6.2 6:00 PM Minuteman Bike Trail Arlington, MA American red cross Hurricane Sandy Relief $20 First 10K ever yeah!
Laura Cadieux Chicopee MA 3.1 12:00 PM     $10 An áit a bhuil do chroí is ann a thabharfas do chosa thú
Jodi Fairbanks chicopee MA Not Sure Not sure   MS $50 Phil 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me""
kenneth wenc chicopee MA 6.2 1:00 PM   Shriners Hospital" $50 I dedicate my run in the memory of Patricia and Christopher Taylor.
Jennifer Bell Dalton MA 13.1 12:00 PM Monson, MA 1/2 Marathon Lupus Foundation of America $20 Strength, courage, and love
Jen Pittenger Dunstable MA 4 9:00 AM Nashua River Rail Trail Breast Cancer Foundation $50 Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles.
Tessa Casey Duxbury MA 6 6:00 AM Girl Scout house Best Buddies $20 Whatever your reason just keep running
Tom Reilly East Longmeadow MA 6.2 8:00 PM The corner of Mapleshade Ave. and Merriam Street. Griffins Friends $10 The difference between a jogger and a runner is an entry blank.""
Dalila Mendoza East Taunton MA 3.1 7:00 AM 914 Middleboro Avenue East Taunton, MA 02718 Red Cross $20 I dedicate my willpower and strength to be running to my amazing sister.
Anna Cardoza Fairhaven MA 8 10:00 AM   GWENDOLYN STRONG FOUNDATION $10 Running for those who can't!
Nicole Ferrara Haverhill MA 3.1 8:00 AM     $50 Run Free!
Leslie Walstrom Jamaica Plain MA 6       $5 For all those who can't run
Tammy Roussell Lowell MA 9 10:00 AM Hildreth street Lowell MA House of Hope $100 Fueling my passion for running by running for a cause.
Melanie Velleco Marblehead MA 7 11:00 AM Swampscott Beach causeway American Cancer Society $25 I can do it! I will do it! I am doing it!
Deidre Witkowski Marlborough MA 6.2 10:00 AM Karopulios Dr. Marlborough, MA Girl Power 2 Cure $1 Put all excuses aside and remember this: YOU are capable. ~Zig Ziglar
Courtney Wall Medford MA 5 8:00 AM At home.   $1 Dedicated to papa van
Nicole Torretti Monson MA Not Sure 9:00 AM     $25 The voice inside your head saying you can't do this is a liar."."
Leslie Ring N Attleboro MA 3.1 9:00 AM Wollaston Beach Kyle R Van De Giesen Mem Scholarship Fund $20 Semper fi Kyle!
Sandra Gilbert New Bedford MA 8       $2 Run Hard, Be Strong, Think big...
Rachel Jacobs North Grafton MA 4     Humane Society $10 :D
Angela Killay Orange MA 10 8:00 AM Athol High School Little Hearts $10 It doesn't matter if you run a 7 minute mile or a 14 minute mile......it is still a mile!
Philip Sheridan Orange MA 3.1 8:00 AM Quabbin Reservoir Gate 29 Jimmy Fund $10 Getting off the couch and going for a run!
Sherry Sheridan Orange MA 3.1 8:00 AM Quabbin Reservoir, Gate 29 Jimmy Fund $10 Getting off the couch to do some running!
Stacey Lowe Pepperell MA 9 10:00 AM East St Pepperell The American cancer Society $10 Dedicated to my sister's friend who passed away from Pancreatic cancer.
Susan TandySonger Phillipston MA Not Sure 8:00 AM Williamsville and Queen Lake Rd. Central Congregational Church $20 Remembering John and Dad. :)
Julie Giles Plymouth MA 4 7:00 AM downtown   $10 I'm not telling you it is going to be easy, i'm telling you it's going to be worth it.
Richard Peters Provincetown MA 28 6:00 AM Chattanooga - Nashville, Birthplace Country Music, TN River, Lynchburg, Country Music Hall of Fame Soles-4-Souls http://www.soles4souls.org/ $100 I Run because Cancer Walks!" Profile: facebook.com/teamrik"
Peggy Farren Quincy MA 6.2 6:00 AM Narragansett Road and Agawam Road, Quincy Massachusetts Boston Bear Cubs/Mass Special Hockey $25 First 10k!
Kate Hamill Quincy MA 3.1 9:00 AM Wollaston Beach Capt Kyle R Van De Giesen Mem. Scholarship Fund $20 In memory of Capt Kyle Van De Giesen. Semper fi.
Carrie Smith Quincy MA 3.1 10:00 AM   American Heart Assoc. $100 Dedicated to Richard Sanderson
Tammy Brown Raynham MA 3.1   Middleboro ave Taunton, ma American Red Cross $20 You will never know your limits unless you push yourself there
Barbra Thibault Seekonk MA 3.1 11:00 AM forest ave seekonk pine street seekonk central ave seekonk newman ave seekonk Miles for Miracles, Kristin Barber $100 Dedicated to Kristin Barber who will run the NY Marathon for Miles for Miracles
Celeste Kaye Sharon MA 9 11:00 AM S Main St Sharon to Foxboro & return w/mini lake loop NMSS $100 Run happy & breathe...
Regina Cho Shrewsbury MA 3.1 Not sure   The Smile Train $25 Everyone deserves a beautiful smile
Raechel McGhee Somerset MA 5 6:00 AM My house to the water tower and back to loop the neighborhood PAWS New England $25 Running with gratitude for my health and mobility.
Raechel McGhee Somerset MA 8 7:00 AM My house to the water tower and back to loop the neighborhood PAWS New England $25 Running with gratitude for my health and mobility.
Nicole Kitos Somerville MA 13.1 8:00 AM   Team in Training $10 and miles to go before I sleep""
Nancy Parker Somerville MA 10 9:00 AM Bike path Davis Square Breast Cancer $25 I am dedicating this run to my famil, all of them whom I love and adore
Nancy Parker Somerville MA 10 9:00 AM   Breast Cancer $25 Run to live and live to run
Nancy Parker Somerville MA 10   Somerville Bike Path through Cambridge and Arlington Cancer research $50 Dedicated to all the strong women in my life
Jessica Cellana Southborough MA 5 10:00 AM My driveway (247 Parkerville Road)   $10 Dedication gets you to the finish line.
Timothy Luttrell Stoughton MA 6.2 8:00 AM Stoughton Center   $5 Live for today!
Coutrney Steinberg Stoughton MA 5 2:00 PM Esplande in Boston Susan G. Komen for the Cure $50 No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch
Peter Steinberg Stoughton MA 5 5:00 PM   The Jimmy Fund $50 http://sylviaplathinfo.blogspot.com/
Laura Houpt Sudbury MA 3.1 11:00 AM Oakhill Rd Wounded Warrior Project $25 Thank you to our Veterans and Military Personnel!
Deb Diegoli Taunton MA 10 8:00 AM   Juvenile Diabetes Foundation $25 Running is not about speed, it's about the journey.
Kim Giroux Tewksbury MA Not Sure Not sure   Salem Hospital Heart Failure Program $100 I am running for my children, my mother, my father and for those who cannot run.
Christine Parizo W SPRINGFIELD MA 3.1 Not sure Mitt Park American Lung Association $25 For Grandma and Grandpa...
Sue Ledwith Walpole MA 13.1 7:00 AM Chilly Half Marathon   $50 6th 1/2 marathon in 1 year!!
Cheryl Scales West Boylston MA 3.1       $20 No Matter How Slow You Run, You're Lapping Everyone On The Couch
Taylor Scott Cook Westfield MA 3.1 9:00 AM Stanley Park 5k loop. Westfield MA.   $3 It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves. ~Edmund Hillary
Sandra Guilbert Westfield MA 5 10:00 AM Stanley Park, Westfield, Ma Make a Wish $20 There will be a day when you can no longer run, today will not be that day.
Rob Guerriero Woburn MA 11 9:00 AM Branch Brook Campground Route 49 Campton NH Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm $50 To all Veterans, THANK YOU for protecting our freedom so I can run!
Allison Wurster woburn MA Not Sure       $5 I may not run fast, but I am running
Jackie Gardner worcester MA 6 7:00 AM Salisbury Street St Jude's, for Mom and Dad $9 This is for Mom. We all miss you.
Susan Sullivan Worcester MA 6 9:00 AM Chauncy Lake, Westboro, MA Red Cross $20 Restore the Jersey Shore
Pete Sullivan Worcester MA 6 9:00 AM Chauncy Lake, Westboro, MA Red Cross $9 Jersey Strong
Diana Davis Aberdeen Proving Ground MD 3 9:00 AM Genesse St, Syracuse, NY USO $5 I hate running but it does a body gooooood.
Amanda Hagner Abingdon MD 3.1 9:00 AM Ma & Pa trail   $1 This run is for my little boy who will be turning 2, ten days after this race. <>
Michael Kiebler Abingdon MD 3.1 9:00 AM Ma & Pa Trail   $1 This race is dedicated to my wife.
Carrie Assar Annapolis MD Not Sure 7:00 AM     $20 For my amazing family, especially my daughter Caitlyn. I love you all more than words can say.
Linda Fogg Arnold MD 6 9:00 AM US Naval Academy,Annapolis MD St Judes Children's Hospital $5 Another run for ChrisMan
Tina Albrecht Baltimore MD 4 8:00 AM NCR Trail -- Paper Mill Rd. Baltimore Women's Classic $25 Walking improved my health.
Siara Biuk Baltimore MD 13.1 9:00 AM   ASPCA $4 https://twitter.com/SiaraBiuk
Rachel Black Baltimore MD 3.1 12:00 PM 1929 Greenberry Rd, baltimore md 21209   $1 Running for my Aunt and Grandpop who have died from Cancer!
Celere Leonard Baltimore MD 5 8:00 AM National Plaza, National Harbor (Washington, DC) JDRF $25 Running in memory of my mother (Icie Leonard), brother (Michael Lucky) & Grandma Lula Lewis!!
tzilah raczkowski baltimore MD Not Sure 4:00 AM Stuart Avenue   $1 Keep on going!!
Yvonne Walker Baltimore MD 6.2 9:00 AM Johns Hopkins Hospital Special Olympics $50 Courage to start, Strength to endure, Resolve to finish.
Virginia Welsh Baltimore MD 5 8:00 AM NCR Trail, Paper Mill Rd. Baltimore Women's Classic $25 This one's for me!
Betty Ward-Zukerman Bethesda MD 5 8:00 AM BCC YMCA YMCA Family Services $25 ..Whatever you do you have to keep moving forward." --Martin Luther King, Jr."
Heather Watson Bethesda MD 6 Not sure     $1 World Run Day in Bethesda, MD!
Carol Chandler Bowie MD 4 9:00 AM Bowie Bike/Walk Trail Project Wounded Warrior $100 N/A
Joy Hargraves Bowie MD 4     ASPCA $25 Overcoming challenges with asthma through running!!
Akilah Matthews Bowie MD Not Sure Not sure     $5 .
Kimberly Miller Centreville MD 4 6:00 AM   Shriner's Hospital $20 Dedicated to my nephew - I'll be running somewhere for you to see!
Dawn Whitelock Chance MD 3.1     Deal Island Elementary PTA $25 Supporting healthy kids at Deal Island Elementary!
MICHAEL DINH CHEVY CHASE MD 3.1 9:00 AM Capital Crescent Trail   $9 Run to stay healthy
CHRISTINE JAO CHEVY CHASE MD 3.1 9:00 AM Capital Crescent Trail   $9 Run to stay healthy
Amanda Gammon Churchton MD Not Sure 9:00 AM   Anne Arundel County SPCA $25 I <3 running!!
Rebecca Landreth Churchville MD 10       $10 This is dedicated to Don Horner....you too will be up and running soon!
John Evans Clarksville MD   8:00 AM   diabetes.org $10 Go!
Sherril Tart Clarksville MD   8:00 AM   Alzheimers alz.org $10 Dedicating my run to my parents!
Lisa Spear Ethridge Columbia MD 3.1 8:00 AM 137 National Plaza, National Harbor, MD Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation $50 Thank God for the run! Dedicated to hubby & kids for their love & in honor of my Mom Jean, always.
Christine Happel Columbia MD 3.1 10:00 AM not sure Red Cross $5 RUN!
Sarah Costello Elkridge MD         $1 Run Happy!
Dana Henderson Elkton MD 3.1 Not sure Newark, DE   $10 Dedicating this run to my dad who we lost in 2011. Missing him every day. Each step is for you dad!
Jennifer Musselman Ellicott City MD 3.1 10:00 AM Centennial Park St. Jude's Children's Hospital $50 My journey to marathoner - It's All About Finishing!
Riley Musselman Ellicott City MD 2 10:00 PM Centennial Park Animal Advocates of Howard County $50 I Love You Apollo!
Cory Musselman Ellicott City MD 2 10:00 AM   Animal Advocates $50 For My Loving Wife
Liza Paredes Ellicott City MD 3.1 7:00 AM Historic Reisterstown and Glyndon   $20 Take one step at a time. Just keep swimming.""
Amy Powlison Ellicott City MD 3 10:00 AM   Red Cross Relief Efforts $9 What a great way to be motivated for a run!
Andrea Barnson Frederick MD 3.1 7:00 AM Baker Park Autism Awareness $20 Galatians 6:9 In honor of George
Marcy Bettis Frederick MD 6.2 8:00 AM     $9 Dedicated to disabled veterans.
Naomi Carpenter Frederick MD 1 8:00 AM Hall Road Animal Welfare League in Frederick $20 In memory of Uncle Dana that passed June, 2011
Stephanie Crunkleton Frederick MD 3 4:00 PM Maugansville Elementary School Frederick County Humane Society $20 Good things come to those who....work their asses off and never give up""
Lonnie Hendrick Frederick MD 6.2 8:00 AM   Disabled veterans foundation $9 Dedicated to disabled veterans
Boib Marshall Gaithetsburg MD 3.1 9:00 AM Centerway Rd.   $20 Start slow...Taper off
Celeste Hemphill Germantown MD Not Sure 8:00 AM My Neighborhood   $1 Gotta run!
Sara Saacks Havre de Grace MD 6 7:00 AM Concord Point Lighthouse Children's Miracle Network $50 Your legs are not giving out-your head is giving up. Keep going!
Tom Dolan Millersville MD 3.1 9:00 AM Rustling Oak, LN @ SCSTC Faustman Lab $25 Running for good health.
Tom French Nottingham MD 5 8:00 AM     $20 TO ASHLIE, CHEERS!
Cheryl Reilly Nottingham MD 5 8:00 AM     $20 RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!
Cynthia Hoyle Odenton MD 3.1 11:00 AM Patapsco state park Prostate Cancer Foundation $10 In Memory of Buck Hoyle.
Diana Kurcfeld Olney MD 3.1 9:00 AM   LLS TNT $10 My run is dedicated to new runners that one day want to be experienced runners.
Kim Beverly-Muhammad Owings Mills MD 6.2     The Stork's Nest $200 I Love to Run!!!
Keith Carey Owings Mills MD 5 9:00 AM Dulaney High School Maryland Zoo in Baltimore $20 Maryland Zoo in Baltimore
Megan Millane Owings Mills MD         $1 You must do the thing you think you cannot do. -- Eleanor Roosevelt"
Tamara Polcak Pasadena MD 3.1   Pasadena, MD American Cancer Society $100 You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.""
Jennifer Lepaopao Pikesville MD 3.1       $10 For health!!!!
Angie Davis-Wagner Rising Sun MD 3.1       $5 Staying healthy for my kids.
Sara Devine Rockville MD 4 8:00 AM Twin brook Locks of Inspiration $25 In loving memory of Tanya Cross
DARLENE MORCOM SALISBURY MD 6 9:00 AM boardwalk in Bethany Beach, Del.   $25 Never too old to start running.
Brendan Curvey Silver Spring MD 3.1 10:00 AM     $25 Be excellent to each other! and yourself...
Karen Gosnell Thurmont MD 5 1:00 PM Rural roads unsure at this time $50 This looks like fun and I hope to make it meaningful, need to give it some thought.
Sandra Griffin Upper Marlboro MD 10 8:00 AM Andrews Airforce Base   $20 See mom run!
Tiffany Mitchell Waldorf MD Not Sure Not sure Wilson Bridge   $4 Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.
amy cormier westminster MD 3.1 Not sure     $20 http://theincredibleshrinkingwoman.shutterfly.com/
Lesley Telfort Westminster MD 3.1 8:00 AM     $10 Ask yourself: 'Can I give more?'. The answer is usually: 'Yes'. -Paul Tergat, marathoner"
Mike Laliberte Bangor ME 1 Not sure chapin park UCP $50 I'm running a 10th of what she's running
Noell Palmieri Bangor ME 10 Not sure 22 Maple Street, Bangor, ME 04401 UCP $50 Andiamo
Erin Knight Cape Elizabeth ME 4 8:00 AM     $20 Run.
Mary Zidalis Columbia Falls ME 5 8:00 AM Machias Blueberry Loop   $5 I run because I can but it's better if there's free beer! Go Team: Free Beer, Hell Yeah!!!
Shelbie Ross EAST MACHIAS ME 3.1 9:00 AM Rails to Trails in East Machias Maine   $1 Excited!!
Edithe Gagnon Hampden ME 7 8:00 AM Bangor City Forest   $10 Peace
Elizabeth Lingenfelter Hampden ME 13.1 8:00 AM Hampden,Me to Winterport,Me and back. Bangor Humane Society $25 I run because I can and for for those that can't.
Ken Rickert Kennebunk ME 3.1 9:00 AM Home in Kennebunk Run4NYC $10 Walk Jog Run Sprint Bolt!
Emily Rickert Kennebunk ME 3.1   Home in Kennebunk Run4NYC $9 Kennebunk Cross Country Rocks!
Elizabeth Stimpert Livermore Falls ME Not Sure 6:00 AM Wilton Maine Cove House Emergency Homeless Shelter $1 Starting out Mothers Day with a peaceful early morning run!
Aimee Metz-Jordan North Berwick ME 13.1 9:00 AM Portsmouth, NH Make a Wish $20 No Free Rides
debra ramini sanford ME 13 9:00 AM   Alzheimers $10 because i can still run :)
Pamela Kenney Scarborough ME 6.2 8:00 AM Pine Point JDRF $25 Keep It Simple
Kelly Clark Wells ME 13       $20 Alzheimers
Robert Dudley Windham ME 3.1 9:00 AM Windham,Maine American Red Cross $20 American Red Cross
Angela Gibbs Winslow ME 3.1 8:00 AM Rail Trail NCCC $50 Live Free and Run ! God bless the US
Andrea Connor Yarmouth ME 6 7:00 AM   Girls on the Run Maine $25 Go Patriots
Jeni Seymour Yarmouth ME 6     charitywater.org $20 Enjoy Life's grand adventure!
Marcia Vogt Ada MI 6.2 2:00 PM Biking trail along Grand River Drive in Ada Michigan   $25 Thanks to my daughter who was my inspiration to start running again after 27 years of retirement!
Mae LaFave Augusta MI 5 10:00 AM Portage, MI   $1 I am dedicating this run to my grandfather who is very sick right now. Love you Grandpa <3
Amanda Petry Battle Cree MI 6 Not sure Kalamazoo Michigan through the Kail Haven Trails.   $1 I run to save my life, and to prove to myself I can do the impossible." ~Amanda Petry"
Linda Sniegowski Cadillac MI 7 8:00 AM Lake Cadillac American Heart Association $100 For Dad
John Sniegowski Cadillac MI 7 8:00 AM Lake Cadillac American Heart Association $100 to my wife
George Trahey Cadillac MI 7 8:00 AM Lake Cadillac American Heart Association $100 to my daughter
Kevin VilleMonte Canton MI 8 4:00 AM 1 S. Franklin St. Downtown Chicago, IL La Quinta Hotel World Vision $5 This run dedicated to my beautiful wife and inspiration Beth on our 1st Anniversary
Nancy Lindsay Cheboygan MI 5 9:00 AM North Central State Trail Trailhead, Cheboygan MI Ottawa Art Park $25 I continue to run not only because I love it but it made my mom so proud of me.
Susan Tschirhart Chesterfield Township MI 2 10:00 AM Chesterfield Township Michigan Humane Society $25 Love. Play. Run. Rest
Erin Barr Columbiaville MI 3.1 1:00 PM Black Creek Nature Trail Davison, MI March of Dimes National MS Society $40 I am dedicating this run to my children. I want to be healthy and active for them!
Erin Barr Columbiaville MI 3.1 1:00 PM Black Creek Nature Trail Davison, MI March of Dimes National MS Society $40 This run is dedicated to my kids. I love you Jacob, Nathan, & Isabel
Rachel Dodde Conklin MI 4 Not sure Gooding St Crime Victims $20 Dedicated to KBrown 11-06-1989 to 09-29-2008
Kate Worden Deaborn MI Not Sure 9:00 AM streets Dearborn Firefighters Burn Drive $50 Dedicated to Lee Bishop
dwayne dorey Dearborn MI Not Sure Not sure Lawrence, Golfview, Hines Dr., Outer Dr Humane Society of Michigan $50 Drexler Kahlua Khia Lukas
Steve Khoe Dearborn Heights MI 7 11:00 AM Not 100% sure, maybe Royal Oak, Detroit, or Kensington Park. A Random Stranger I See $7 I am running 7 miles and dedicating one for each of Snow White's seven dwarfs.
Sandy Buettner Dexter MI 3 Not sure Hurron River Drive   $1 Have a good day!
Jenna Helsel Dexter MI 7 11:00 AM Back roads in Dexter MI Make a Wish $20 Dedicating my run to all my friends
Susan Musleh Dexter MI Not Sure Not sure Hudson Mills Metropark   $20 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Amelia Musleh Dexter MI Not Sure Not sure Hudson Mills Metropark Feed My Starving Children $1 My first world run day!
Samantha Weyenberg Dexter MI         $10 I move for those who can't.
Benjamin Weyenberg Dexter MI         $10 to spend time with family
Carrie Bradish Durand MI 3.1 10:00 AM Durand HS Loaves and Fishes $25 No matter how fast, no matter how far, run for life, wherever you are.
Leonie Hintze East Lansing MI 5 Not sure Carriage Hill Dr., East Lansing, MI   $1 In loving memory of my mom, Nenni.
Jenny Calouette Escanaba MI 6.2 9:00 AM Ludington Park, Escanaba, MI American Cancer Society $50 For my son Walter, the greatest 2 year old boy I know!
Casey Calouette Escanaba MI 3.1 9:00 AM Ludington Park, Escanaba, MI American Cancer Society $50 ...Because Walter is Awesome!
Deborah Fonseca Ferndale MI 3 3:00 PM   My Sister's Keeper $25 To my friends w/o the time to drop everything for 30 mins/day just for them.
Della Lambert Frederic MI Not Sure 10:00 AM Along the Bay. Guardian Gals $50 I GET to run...
Jania Torreblanca Grand blanc MI 13.1 8:00 AM   St. Judes Childrens Hospital $20 I run to be free
Carolynne Allaben Grand Rapids MI 5 10:00 AM Oakwood SE Kids Food Basket $10 Run Your Own Race
Bill Johnson Grand Rapids MI 5 8:00 AM White Pine Trail in Rockford Michigan Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services $50 Dedicating my run to the good health running has provided me and my family
Susan Johnson Grand Rapids MI 5 8:00 AM White Pine Trail in Rockford Michigan Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services $50 Dedicated to making sure I dance at my grand daughter's wedings !!
Kellie Molinet Grand Rapids MI 13.1 7:00 AM Kent Trails- Butterworth St. SW and Garfield Ave. SW Children's Cancer Research Fund $25 Dedicating this run to my Grandma and Grandpa Miller! You guys are always in my heart!
Jennifer Zemla Harrison Township MI 10 Not sure Indoors on Treadmill Michael J. Fox Foundation $100 For Parkinson's Research
Courtney Hansen Hart MI 3.1   Pentwater by the tennis courts.   $8 Because when everything else is chaotic and out of my control, my run is MINE.
Jane Pearson Holland MI 3.1 Not sure 9th Street Heifer International $1 Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.
Chris Jarrell Howell MI         $10 There will come a time when you think everything is finished. That will be the beginning.
Don Mac Intyre Interlochen MI 6.2 9:00 PM The trails used for Running for babies Paralyzed veterans $20 Dedicated to my fellow Veterans on Veterans day
Caren Gayle Jackson MI Not Sure 6:00 PM Jackson Park   $25 Runners with Rheumatoid Arthritis
Jessica Booms Lake City MI Not Sure Not sure   American Cancer Society $10 You are what you do!
Angie Koboldt Lake City MI 4 10:00 AM Tart Trail American Cancer Society $10 I am dedicating my run to my grandpa who died of cancer a year ago in November.
Judy Mulder Lake City MI 3 8:00 AM Lake City, MI   $50 Running for my missionary friends!!!
Debra Pearson Lake City MI 8 8:00 AM Around Crooked Lake Heifer International $200 Hebrew 12:1 and I Corinthians 9:24
Bill Pearson Lake City MI 4 8:00 AM Crooked Lake Friend's Ministry $100 Psalm 119:35
Linda Ringle Lansing MI 8 11:00 AM hawk island   $1 run for fun
Kandi Scott Lansing MI 10 9:00 AM running the lansing river trail, an out and back starting at old town.   $100 The pain of discipline is far less than the pain of regret"."
Cibi Abraham Livonia MI Not Sure 10:00 AM Levan Rd, 7 mile American Red Cross $5 Stop competing with others and compete with yourself!
Susan Ostafinski Livonia MI 10 9:00 AM Undecided. Operation Christmas Child $20 Some beats none.
Dave Ostafinski Livonia MI 10 9:00 AM Undecided Operation Christmas Child $20 Run, and feel like a kid again.
Elisabeth Tarchala Lowell MI 3.1 1:00 PM Harvest Hustle Route-Cherry Creek to Gee Drive to Alden Nash to Foreman and back. Flat River Outreach $5 Run for health!
brandi anderson Lyons MI 3.1 11:00 AM 306 N. Hawley St ACS, Relay For Life, Team Optimism $25 This ones for ME!
Tammy Hudolin Macomb MI 6.2 Not sure     $20 Never Give Up!
Rachel DiPerna madison heights MI 6.2 9:00 AM I am running in the 34th annual Big Bird Run, doing the 10K run. Pancreatic Cancer Foundation $25 This run is dedicated to all those lost from Pancreatic Cancer Love you & miss you grandpa!
Tracie Stapert Mattawan MI 8 2:00 PM Kal Haven Trail - 10th Street Kalamazoo Area Runners $20 Better to finish last than to never have started...
deb crouch mendon MI         $5 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
Deb Pitcher Monroe MI 3.1 9:00 AM Munson Park Wounded Warriors $25 To my Bosum Buddies
Linda Hildebrant Munger MI 3.1 3:00 PM Country road Food bank $20 To getting healthy!
Erin Myers New Baltimore MI 6.2 10:00 AM 34th Annual Roseville Big Bird Run 18185 Sycamore Roseville, MI 48066   $1 A day without laughter is a day wasted
Cristyn Castelli New Hudson MI 4 10:00 AM     $50 To my lovelies Sofia and Gentry
Slater Hawes New Hudson MI 4 9:00 AM     $50 To my family whom I love dearly
carmen fong okemos MI 5 9:00 AM Carter Road in Auburn Michigan   $5 My mom always said, be brave, be careful, and have a thick skin!
Nicole Haugen Okemos MI 3.1 2:00 PM My house to Okemos high school and back to my house plus a loop around my neighborhood block.   $5 Dedication to my three awesome boys! Carter, Brock, and Chase! I love you!
Marilyn Bettencourt Ortonville MI 4 10:00 AM Merkle Rd., Ortonville Nami.org National Alliance on Mental Illness $2 Dedication to Mental Health Awareness! Miss you JJ
Colleen Richard Ortonville MI 3.1 12:00 PM Black Creek Trail, Davison Mi. OCEF (Ortonville Community Emergency Fund) $50 I may not be there yet, but i'm closer than I was yesterday
Richard Wojciechowski Oxford MI 6 8:00 AM Independence Oaks , Clarkston , Michigan ALS of Michigan $100 for Dave . I miss you so very much . Are you showing the angels how to fish ? Love, Rick
Kim Creger Pleasant Lake MI 5 10:00 AM from my house to and around the lake Lions of Michigan Foundation $200 dedicating my run to Lions of Michigan Foundation
kristal hoffman portage MI 3.1 9:00 AM Sidewalk   $1 Always concentrate on how far you have come , rather than how far you have to go!
Ashley Steffey Portage MI 5 7:00 AM   Make A Wish Foundation $10 To my biggest support system: My Family! Thank you for the continued encouragement! I love you all!
Joe Semaan Rochester MI 6.2 8:00 AM Stony Creek park American Cancer Society $25 In loving memory of Mona Semaan. We miss you.
Douglas Brooks Rochester Hills MI Not Sure 8:00 AM Hampton Apartments|Townhomes neighborhood -or- Stony Creek Metropark WWF $25 I am inspired to run by my AMAZING WIFE and AWESOME SON.
Brian Connery Rochester Hills MI 6 8:00 AM Paint Creek Trail at Gallagher Road Michigan Animal Rescue League $50 Fueled by political outrage and Irish music.
Susan DeFilippo Rochester Hills MI 3 9:00 AM Paint Creek Trail Alzheimers $25 I dedicate this run to my Mom
Kathleen O'Shea Rochester Hills MI 10 8:00 AM clinton river trail connectuslivonia $50 Mike we run for you!
Jay Peters Rochester Hills MI 3.1 7:00 AM From Winding Brook Circle, West on South Blvd, out and back. arthritis foundation $1 To my family, which has supported my running forthe past 7 years.
joe mize Saginaw MI 3.1 10:00 AM Krossroads Park Kochville MI Near Walmart United Way of Saginaw $5 A 5k Run to get me outdoors vs the treadmill.
Catherine Brennan Saline MI Not Sure 9:00 AM Lincoln circle, saline mi   $1 :)
Laura Sandahl Scotts MI 6 1:00 PM Kal-Haven Trail, Kalamazoo, MI Kalamazoo Gospel Mission $25 If you run, you are a runner." John Bingham"
Laurie Simmons Scotts MI 6       $10 Dedicated to all who love to run.
Paul Abbott Shelby Township MI 27   25 Mile and Shelby Road Children's Tumor Foundation $100 Josiah my NF hero!
Karl Nelson IV shelby township MI 3.1 9:00 AM     $1 FOR SCIENCE!!
Kandace Kniss South Boardman MI 10 9:00 AM My neighborhood: Puffer Rd, Hall Rd, Hart Rd & Boardman Rd.   $1 It's never to late and you're never too old to get running.
Chris Bussa South Lyon MI 3.1 1:00 PM   American Cancer Society $10 Thanks CP for your inspiration for 2012
Josette Lundquist South Lyon MI 5 10:00 AM I'm going to start my run in front of my house on Columbia dr, South Lyon! Donate Life charity $2 This run is for my man's newly reconstructed ACL! I love you Mike! Thanks to my supportive family!
MaryAnn BAXTER St Johns MI 5 9:00 AM   LEAF4Kids $20 Today is my birthday!
Christen Powers Sterling Heights MI 3.1 9:00 AM Maple Road and Dequindre in Sterling Heights, MI   $1 2 down - 10 to go
Amber Mcnew Taylor MI 13.1 9:00 AM Madison   $1 This run is dedicated to and future r May you always live well and love the run.
Lisa Morones Taylor MI 3.1 10:00 AM Heritage park or treadmill Taylor Animal shelter Donate both my time and $ $5 Live the life you love.. Love the life you live.. Believe, have faith and commit
Tracy Baruzzini Wyandotte MI 15 9:00 AM Wyandotte - 13th and Northline.   $20 I dedicate my run to my husband Val and my kids, Brooke and Michael.
David Anderson Ypsilanti MI 3.1 9:00 AM Eastern Michigan University Arthritis Foundation $20 Dedicated to Charles and Virginia Anderson
Akosua Dow Ypsilanti MI 3.1 9:00 PM Eastern Michigan University Arthritis Foundation $20 Dedicated to Mira and Pogue
Jennifer Hugstad-Vaa Apple Valley MN 3 8:00 AM Jensen Park Humane Society $25 N/A
GUY LESCH APPLE VALLEY MN 6 8:00 AM 140TH STREET, APPLE VALLEY, MN WOUND WARRIOR PROJECT $50 Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever.  Lance Armstrong
Erin Leach Bloomington MN 3.1 7:00 PM Cub Foods   $20 The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start." -John Bingham"
Terri Allen Brooklyn Park MN 6 5:00 PM my neighborhood Home for Life $25 x
Carrie Cummins Burnsville MN 3.1   Either in my neighborhood or around Lake Calhoun! Homeward Bound Rescue $25 I am dedicating this run to Homeward Bound Rescue - where I found my beloved Sophie Jean!
Diana Meaden Canby MN 3.1     The Connection $25 I dedication this run to my son in the US Army. He ran with my on my first WRD just before he left.
Scott Breimhorst Chaska MN 10 1:00 PM Chaska   $50 Veteran's Day Run Dedicated to All Veterans.
Linda Nordang Clear Lake MN 3.1   Sherburne Ave., Becker, MN Quiet Oaks Hospice House $20 Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us. Hebrews12:1
Doug Nordang Clear Lake MN 3.1 3:00 PM Sherburne Ave., Becker, MN Quiet Oaks Hospice House $20 Run to live, live to run.
Glenn Oldenburg Clitherall MN 13.1 9:00 AM around our lake Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center $100 I running in memory of my son, Luke.
Andrea Deckert Duluth MN 10 2:00 PM Lincoln Park   $1 I thought they said RUM!""
Stephanie Francis Duluth MN 8 3:00 PM     $1 So thankful for my girlfriends who encouraged me to start running this year!
Patricia Kendall Duluth MN 4 9:00 AM 40th Ave E and Superior St. PTSA Council of Duluth $10 Dedicated to increased support to quality educational opportunities in Duluth.
Holly Pillsbury Duluth MN 5 8:00 AM 40th Avenue East at the Lakewalk CHUM, Duluth MN $20 Run for Fun!
Jorjean Fischer EAgan MN 4 10:00 AM Jensen Run Heifer International $25 Thanks to all the EVCC team members past and present. You have given me wonderful running memories.
Lynn Schwartz Eagan MN 3.1 9:00 AM Lake Como--St Paul, MN Charities Challenge $1 I can do it!
Julie Dapper Eden Prairie MN 3.1 8:00 AM Macintosh Rd CCFA $50 Today I run! Success!
LeRoy Winkel Littlefork MN 3.1 6:00 AM Promersberger Road Littlefork MN Falls Hunder Coalition Inc $20 God said RUN No EXCUSES""
Lorraine Moore Mahnomen MN 3.1 1:00 PM Streets in Mahnomen MN   $1 For my Mom with Love....
Naomy Becker Minneapolis MN 5 10:00 AM University and Broadway - Minneapolis   $25 To my daughter, Dylan
Lynn Winkel Minnetonka MN 4 10:00 AM trail near my apartment American Heart Association $3 Dedicating this run to my dad, who started running later in life, but continues to amaze me.
Shannon Hennen Princeton MN 5 Not sure   Ameriface - Goldenhar Syndrome Support Network $100 I'm doing this for me..to push myself & realize I can do it
Debra Fontaine Proctor MN 3.1 8:00 AM Blue Finn Bay Resort Proctor Volunteer Fire Dept. $10 Be the Change You Wish to See in the World
Cindy Matheson Proctor MN 3.1 9:00 AM HWY 61   $10 Joyful run with family
Charleen Huber Rochester MN 4 9:00 AM Rochester bike trail ne   $1 None
Erica Kahler Rochester MN 6 10:00 AM Rochester, MN   $1 Running never takes more than it gives back. Believe in the run!
Julie Timm Rochester MN 5 9:00 AM     $1 Running in rememberance and honor of all veterans...Thank you!
Lisa Gibbs Rush City MN 3.1 Not sure     $25 Get out there and run!
Tim Pratt Shoreview MN 6 7:00 AM My house Douglas C. Pratt Scholarship $50 In memory of mom and dad. Happy birthday Ben
Sherri Rowland St. Michael MN 3       $5 Run H@ppy!
Wendy Bailey Woodbury MN 7 Not sure MarkGraf Lake - Woodbury Drive   $20 I am running for all the men and women who serve in the armed forces.
Amanda Dennison Arnold MO Not Sure       $4 Just have fun!!!
lisa mckeever barnhart MO 3.1 9:00 AM Meramec Trails Humane Society $5 Nothing looks as good as Healthy feels
Sarah Sturm Beaufort MO 3.1 9:00 AM Union City Park Union Food Pantry $25 I run because dieting is not an option!
Travis Forbes Blue Springs MO 3.1 10:00 AM Blue Springs, Missouri Autism Speaks $20 Persistence = success!
Stacey Landes Carl Junction MO 3.1 10:00 AM My favorite 3.1 mile route, in my neighborhood St. Jude's $10 I run because I can.
James Sherman Carl Junction MO 5 2:00 PM     $1 Don't get fat!
Tara Sherman Carl junction MO 3.1 2:00 PM     $1 Don't be fat
Cathy Brown Carthage MO 3.1 1:00 PM Fair Acres Family YMCA, Carthage, MO United Way $20 We dedicate this run to the friendships we have made through our running experience.
Polly Rutherford Chesterfield MO 5 10:00 AM TBD Sierra Club $5 Active.com email
Elizabeth Butcher Columbia MO 8 3:00 PM Columbia, MO   $1 Running my first 5k, 10k & 1/2 all this year!
Dennis Velez Columbia MO Not Sure Not sure Fairview Rd UNICEF $25 To Sebastian and Sofia because you challenge me to be better.
Kara White Fenton MO 5 9:00 AM Home   $25 To 4!!!!
denny mcdodogh florissant MO 4 10:00 AM 2 saratoga ct. florissant,mo 63033 colon cancer $10 To myDad & grandson Brogan...from Garndpa Mac
Ali Johnston-Hull Gladstone MO 3.1 9:00 AM I plan to run at Oak Grove Park, in Gladstone, MO - every two laps is one mile. I anticipate 6 laps Leukemia & Lymphoma Society $25 Happiness is anyone and anything that's loved by you. Charles Schultz"
Sara Cook Granby MO 3.1 1:00 PM Fair Acres Carthage Family YMCA   $1 We dedicate this run to all of the friendships we have made through our running experience.
Kristine Fowler-Bailey Holt MO 4 3:00 PM Start at KHS and around the trails. K-Love $50 First World Run Day! Looking forward to it!
Kami.biesemeyer@gmail.com Biesemeyer Jefferson City MO 3.1 10:00 AM Edgewood trail way Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN $10 In memory of my mom, my very first friend, my best friend.
Rebecca Hensley Joplin MO 3.1 9:00 AM Frisco Trail   $1 Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.""
Antonio Chamorro Kansas City MO 11 9:00 AM Start: Longview Community College, Lee's Summit, Missouri. Will run around Longview Lake. Furry Kids $20 I dedicate my run to my Mother, Blanca Chamorro.
Sharon Freese-Klepper Kansas City MO 6.2 8:00 AM Penguin Park   $50 I run for all those who cannot
Jessica Goldammer Kansas City MO 4 9:00 AM     $10 Stop underestimating yourself and go the distances
Kristy Unruh Kansas City MO 4 9:00 AM Parkville, Missouri Holy Family Catholic Church $25 Because you can always run a little farther every time...
Greg Unruh Kansas City MO 4 9:00 AM Parkville, MO Holy Family Catholic Church $25 I'll dedidcat this to my wife as this will be our first official" run together."
Victoria Waldroup Kansas City MO 3 7:00 AM Kauffman Stadium   $5 for me
Ashley Pryor Laurie MO 13.1 4:00 PM     $25 It doesn't get easier you get better
Amy Carr Lebanon MO 2 10:00 AM Elm street   $20 Just Breathe!
Amy Carr Lebanon MO 2       $20 Just breath
Shannon McIntosh Lees Summit MO 3.1 9:00 AM My house Alzheimer's Association $25 This run is dedicated to my LLL family
James McIntosh Lees Summit MO 3.1 9:00 AM Home Alzheimer's Association $25 Gut check!
Joyce Brother Linn Creek MO 2 2:00 PM Camdenton Middle School   $1 Real athletes run. The rest play games.
Shelly Weddle Maryville MO         $9 Doesn't matter if you are fast or slow, just run!
Ronda Graham Noel MO 3.1 9:00 AM ???? ???/? $1 To my family and friends who have suported me in this adventure, I love you all:)
Ashley Graham Noel MO 3.1 9:00 AM ???? ???? $1 run, run, run
Charly Flagg Oakville MO 3.1 Not sure Jefferson Barracks Park American Cancer Association $5 I dedicate my run to my wonderful family.
Mary Hargadine O'Fallon MO 6 Not sure Undecided at this point Team in Training - Lymphoma and Leukemia Society $200 www.mersiesmarathonmusings.com - check out my blog!
Lindsey Boville Saint Charles MO 3 9:00 AM My home, through the park near my home Girls on the Run $20 U have brains in ur head & feet in ur shoes. U can steer urself in any direction U choose -Dr. Seuss
Lisa Parsons Saint Charles MO 4 7:00 PM Creve Couer Lake March of Dimes $10 Running my way to healthy
Terri Johnson Saint Joseph MO 10 8:00 AM MKT Trail at Flat Branch Park American Cancer Society $10 Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up. ? Dean Karnazes
Kitty Karr Saint Joseph MO 3 9:00 AM Ashland Ave Susan G Komen $100 I might not be fast, but I am beating the people on the couch!
Diane Wilhelm Smithville MO 10 1:00 PM     $5 Running for those who cannot
Christina Johnson Springfield MO 4 10:00 AM Greenway Trails   $20 I run to celebrate health, freedom and pray for those who cannot join me.
Catherine Padron Springfield MO 5 7:00 AM Springfield, MO Humane Society $10 Every mile begins with one small step.
Jasmine Padron Springfield MO 5 7:00 AM Springfield, MO Humane Society $5 Just do it!
Isabel Padron Springfield MO 5 7:00 AM Springfield, Mo Humane Society $5 I can do it!
Carter LeFon St James MO 3.1 9:00 AM Branson, mo   $9 I run on old knees.
Judith Brusatti St. Louis MO 3.1 2:00 PM Macklind to Columbia to Hampton to Wilson to Sublette to Shaw to Marconi to Southwest to Macklind. Cystic Fibrosis Foundation $10 In memory and honor of families affected with Cystic Fibrosis.
Kathy Cummings St. Peters MO Not Sure 7:00 AM   JDRF $20 Running in honor of #1 husband and father, Paul, and in memory of #1 dad, Turk""
Anna Statz St.Louis MO 3.1 10:00 AM 2912 Arsenal Street   $1 Life Grows Us
Keith Rauchle Trenton MO 6.2 8:00 AM Crowder Park, Trenton, MO   $5 Run for Life
Anna Irvin Troy MO 3.1 8:00 AM neighborhood   $50 for those that can't
Peggy Holly University City MO 12 8:00 AM   St. Louis Public Radio Over 1,000 There will come a day when I cannot do this. Today is not that day.
Klaudine Brickman Warrensburg MO 4 9:00 AM 521 Road Warrensburg,Mo   $1 I RUN FOR HIM
Margaret Drake Webb City MO 3.1 1:00 PM Fair Acres Carthage Family YMCA   $1 We dedicate this run to all of the friendships we have made through our running experience.
Leigh Kelley Wentworth MO 3 9:00 AM Carthage, Mo Run To Lights $50 It is not so much the dream as it is the journey to get there...Diane Sawyer
Judy Bilbo Biloxi MS 7 7:00 AM Audubon Park Autism Speaks $100 Running for you and me! jsbilbo.wordpress.com
Nicole James Biloxi MS Not Sure       $25 It's not cellulite, it's my body's way of saying, I'm sexy"...in Braille."
Raju Aundre Branson Brandon MS 3.1 10:00 AM Reservoir   $20 Run For Commitment
Emily Stewart Clinton MS 3       $7 Running is cheaper than THERAPY
Cynthia Gaines Gautier MS 5 6:00 AM Exchange Street, Hickory Hills St. Jude Children's Hospital $50 This is for Jacob to inspire him to stay strong all the way over in California!
Toshineda Lankston Hattiesburg MS 3 7:00 AM Presidental Hills II Salvation Army $7 WINNERS NEVER QUIT
John Rings MADISON MS 13.1 2:00 PM Ridgeland, MS Multi-use Trail System Mississippi Food Network $10 DO WHAT YOU LOVE, LOVE WHAT YOU DO, BE A MACHINE"!!!"
Melanie Harrell Meadville MS 3.1 7:00 PM Oak Street Relay for Life $100 No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch.
Matt Carpenter Ocean Springs MS 27 6:00 AM Veterans Park   $1 Determined
Kane McIntosh Ocean Springs MS 3.1 10:00 AM Biloxi Bridge CMN $5 Good luck everyone!
Robin Rene Stephens Ocean Springs MS 3.1 3:00 PM From Mid-Halstead Rd., along Front Beach and back. Ocean Springs, MS American Cancer Society/ASPCA $200 ...only true friends will leave footprints in your heart"
RHONDA GRAHAM Quitman MS 3.1 Not sure Quitman, Ms. trails behind school national diabetes association $10 rhondajan22.blogspot.com
ELI HOLLOWAY Quitman MS Not Sure Not sure Quitman, Ms. trails behind school austim speaks $10 rhondajan22.blogspot.com
jennifer begrin southaven MS 7 12:00 PM   sandy relief $5 you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." c.s.Lewis"
Jessica Haas Vicksburg MS 3 5:00 PM Military park   $5 Starting out...
Melanie Hall Wesson MS 3.1 5:00 PM Neighborhood Blair E. Batson Children's Hospital $25 In memory of Colby Duane Porter
Larry Hall Wesson MS 3.1 5:00 PM Neighborhood Blair E. Batson Children's Hospital $25 In memory of Colby Duane Porter
Cathy Stroud wesson MS 3.1 2:00 PM neighborhood St Judes Hospital $10 I will run this day in honor of my dad who passed away from cancer
Melinda Abraham Yazoo City MS 3 6:00 AM Wolf Lake St Jude research Hospital $200 To help with recovery after workout... Awesome supplement... Www.mylifevantage.com/454861
Brandye Ranum Baker MT 10 8:00 AM Depending on the weather on our road or on my treadmill. Best Friends Animal Sanctuary $9 Dedicated this year just like that last to both my sons and my husband.
Jennifer Juell Big Timber MT Not Sure       $1 I run for me.
Josephine Daggett Billings MT 6.2 1:00 PM     $1 Happy Running!
Elaine Kostelecky billings MT 3 8:00 AM Rims, Billings, MT   $9 50 Racs by my 50th Birthday
Lindsey Krause Billings MT 3 8:00 AM     $9 25 races by my 25th Birthday
Paula Guinnip florence MT 6.2 9:00 AM runners edge American Red Cross $10 run and live
Sandra Smith Florence MT 3.1 9:00 AM Downtown Missoula MT Missoula Five Valley Land Trust $5 For my sister from another mister and my daughter from another mother.
Scott Gillaspie Great Falls MT   8:00 AM River's edge trail.fish and game Susan G Komen $20 dedication to my wife a survivor of breast cancer
Tina Hart Great Falls MT 5 Not sure River's Edge Trail River's Edge Trail $50 It's the Journey, not the destination.
Tammy Smith Kalispell MT 10 9:00 AM Rails to Trails West American Cancer Society $20 Live to Run.....Run to Live
Renee Bentham Missoula MT 6.2 9:00 AM Runner's Edge Arthritis Foundation $25 This is for my Mom who can't be active anymore.
Ruth Burke Missoula MT 3.1 9:00 AM Missoula Msla 5 Valley land Trust $5 For Linda and the boys
Connie Chestnutt Missoula MT 6.2 9:00 AM     $1 Believe!
Michelle Dammen Missoula MT 4 8:00 AM Wyoming St, Missoula, MT   $10 *Love*
Laura Ehlen Missoula MT Not Sure Not sure 721 N 6th st W Animeals $5 I am running for Tommy Casper.
Maryann Eikens Missoula MT 3.1 8:00 AM Higgins Street, Missoula Go up into Rattlesnake canyon along the creek and back down to town. Red Cross $50 I feel like I'm flying on a really good run day!
Pamela Estill Missoula MT 6.2 9:00 AM Runner's Edge- meet upstairs. Food after then run. Missoula 5 Valleys Land Trust $5 Meet at Runner's Edge at 9:00am . Proceeds go to Missoula 5 Valleys Land Trust
tina estill missoula MT 3.1       $1 to kennedy
steven estill missoula MT 3.1       $1 for kennedy
Brenda Garren Missoula MT 6.2 9:00 AM   Five Valley Land Trust $5 Dedicated to Family
julie johnson Missoula MT 3.1       $1 Have fun
sheila kalin missoula MT 6.2 9:00 AM Runners Edge Valley Land Trust $9 Run for the Life of It!
Clare Kelly Missoula MT         $1 none
Angela Lodmell Missoula MT         $10 Dedicated to beginners everywhere
maureen lympus missoula MT 6.2 9:00 AM   American Cancer Society $25 dedicated to Terry O Lympus
Michael Spurlock Missoula MT Not Sure       $1 Dedicated to my family.
Lorra Mitzkus Red Lodge MT 3     American Cancer Society $3 Run today for you never know what tomorrow may bring.
Jacqueline Walkowiak Red Lodge MT 12 1:00 PM Red Lodge, MT Luther Community Church $20 And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Hebrews 12:1b
Toni Clary Ronan MT 3.1 9:00 AM Timber Lane Chicks for Chaps $10 Life is Good!!
Cathy Kopf Whitehall MT 3.1       $25 Have Fun!
Dave Cockman Apex NC 4 9:00 AM Aberdeen Estates, Boynton Beach FL"" Alzheimers $20 To my friends Bill and Keri. The best family a guy could ever have!
Jan Arasta Asheboro NC 7 9:00 AM Asheboro Middle School Victory Junction Gang Camp $25 Run for Fun
Jan MacGregor Asheville NC 4 8:00 AM Trails in Asheville, NC Heiffer, International $25 It's not your finishing time that's important but the kind of time you have finishing."-Castellano"
Cynthia Dart Benson NC Not Sure Not sure   Wounded Warrior Project $20 For Wounded Warriors
Brad Osborne Boone NC 13.1 1:00 PM Leave from home, run down to and along the New River, and run back home. Operation Christmas Child $25 In honor of US Veterans
Merissa Lawson Burlington NC 3 8:00 AM Local park track   $20 Running because I CAN!
Helen Chears Cameron NC 13.1 11:59 PM Disney world. ROCKS inc $1 Black Girls RUN! and Preserve the Sexy!
Richard Rawling Cary NC 10 6:00 AM Carolina Preserve Clubhouse Habitat 4 Humanity $5 No Pain, No Gain
Liz Bruno Chapel Hill NC 3.1 9:00 AM UNC Chapel Hill Campus Paws4Ever $20 For the animals!
Jill Brooks Charlotte NC 3.1 9:00 AM Glen burney trail blowing rock, nc Charlotte rescue mission $25 Dedicated to my son Matthew who inspires me everyday.
Jackie Akers Charlottle NC 13.1 9:00 AM McGregor dr Fieldlark Ln Allen Black rd Fairview Rd union St Bain Elemtry School $5 When I run, I lookup and feel like I am running with the birds. When I run no one can tell me know
Elnora Thompson Cherokee NC 5 4:00 PM Deep Creek Trail head Relay for Life $25 My Mom and myself
John Harris clayton NC 5 6:00 PM   Wounded Warrior Project $5 Let get it!
samantha gray clyde NC 3.1 9:00 AM waynesville march of dimes $5 do what makes you happy...be with those who make you smile...love as long as you live...
Toni Carpenter Concord NC 3.1     Hope For Paws $25 The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start." -John Bingham"
Marc Castellani Concord NC 6.2 Not sure Covington Subdivision, Concord NC American Cancer Society $10 You can have the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.
Keely Gorski Concord NC 10 11:00 AM McGee Park, Concord NC Humane Society of Concord & Greater Cabarrus Co. $5 There are no limits... ever.
Katherine Broderick Durham NC 3.1 8:00 AM Woodcroft Club House Urban Ministries of Durham, NC $100 I am dedicating this run to my daughter Holly.
Katherine Broderick Durham NC 3.1 8:00 AM Woodcroft Urban Ministries of Durham $50 I dedicate this run to my daughter, Holly; my salvation
Jacquelyn Kahn durham NC 3.1 10:00 AM prospect pkwy, durham, nc national kidney foundation $10 I run for my baby
Tina Scott durham NC 3.1 10:00 AM Prospect Pkwy, Durham, NC National Kidney Foundation $10 We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.
Katie Starr Durham NC 6.2 8:00 AM 1017 Virgie Street, Durhma, NC 27705   $10 For all those who are unable to run.
Karen Askew Elizabeth City NC 6.2 7:00 AM Weeksville Country block Albemarel Hospice $25 Running a Farmers Country Block with my Daddy watching above.
Jill Blahnik Elkin NC         $10 HKM Sr. HKM Jr.
Bryony Evans Elkin NC         $10 HKM jr, sr.
Kathryn Birke Fayetteville NC 5 9:00 AM One of three routes: Village, Winterlochen, or Robeson to the Market House. Fayetteville Animal Protection Society $25 I run every day, anyway. Now I'll know the world is running with me this day.
Monica Jones Fayetteville NC 2 4:00 PM Kiwanis Recreation Center   $1 New runner, Running for those who cannot.
louis stolin Fayetteville NC 6 5:00 PM River Walk trail Cancer Society $20 dedication to Dad
Samantha Woods Fayetteville NC 3.1 7:00 AM Neighborhood. American Heart Association $5 Just keep running.
Christina Wessling Forest City NC 4 10:00 AM Downtown Forest City, NC Local Pitt Bull Rescue: Pitiful Pitts $5 Dedicating this run to my sister, she is my rock and my best friend. Forever.
Lee Farlow Fuquay-Varina NC 10 8:00 AM   Fisher House Foundation $50 Success isn't how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.
Michelle Morock Garner NC 3       $10 it's not that you finished but that you had the courage to begin""
Paul Bishop Graham NC 5 6:00 PM Neighborhood   $10 Failure to prepare is preparing to fail!
April Joy Bowden Greensboro NC   Not sure   Pershing Angels Military Sorority $3 These miles aren't going to run themselves. So, I'm lacing up.
Rachel Jacobs Greensboro NC 3.1 9:00 AM 3730 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV Wounded Warrior Project $20 I am running for those who have protected my freedom.
Kelly Michael Greensboro NC 3.1     Guilford County Animal Shelter $1 Member of Team AllEars -- Running With Purpose!
Angela Strycker Greenville NC 3.1 2:00 PM My neighborhood Saving Graces Feline Rescue $10 You can't put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get." Michael Phelps"
Jesse Strycker Greenville NC 3.1 2:00 PM My Neighborhood Saving Graces Feline Rescue $10 Wooo!!!
David Cline Harrisburg NC 9 9:00 AM Pharr Mill Road Park HospiceofGastonCounty,P.O.Box3984,Gastonia,NC28054 $100 That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.
Keith Maletta Harrisburg NC 8 8:00 AM Pharr Mill Park in Harrisburg, NC Anna Beth Davis Account $100 Going to complete this challenge to help raise funds so Anna Beth Davis can get a therapy dog.
Linda Pegram Henderson NC 3.1 Not sure   American Cancer Society $25 In memory of David
wendi sparks Hendersonville NC 3.1 7:00 AM Fletcher Park Howard Gap Rd Susan G Komen foundation $10 Whether it is a 14 minute mile or a 7 minute mimle, IT IS STILL A MILE"
Trudy Weaver Hope Mills NC 3 8:00 AM Pristine Lane Cancer Society $20 Happy Father's Day to my father Cecil who is no longer with us.
Robert Leugers Indian Trail NC 10 8:00 AM Lake Park Town Center, Indian Trail, NC NC Community Sailing and Rowing Association $5 Let's Do IT!
Jennifer Loiacono Indian Trail NC 5 8:00 AM Charlotte, North Carolina American Lung Association $10 Dedicating this run in memory of my Mom
Joel Weber Jacksonville NC 6.2 8:00 AM Pedestrian Bridge on 24 CCFA - Taking Steps $75 I RUN FOR THOSE YOU CAN'T!
Esme Wernli Jacksonville NC 8 8:00 AM Holcomd Blvds Camp Lejeune NC   $20 When everything fails RUN!
Kimberley Walker Kannapolis NC 3.1 9:00 AM McGee Park Susan B.Komen $1 You are entirely up to you. Make Yourself.
Joyce Stirling Lake Park NC 5 Not sure Lake Park NC HeartBright Foundation $50 To Dr. James Roberts, Kim Lingle, RN and the patients at Mid Carolina Cardiology Monroe NC.
Jason Cellio Leland NC 4 5:00 PM Spring Glen Court Wounded Warrior Project $10 N/A
Sarah Maloney Lewisville NC 5 7:00 AM Wake Forest University Hospice and Pallative Care of Forsyth County $25 No matter what accomplishments you achieve, somebody helps you. - Althea Gibson
Savannah Raby Mocksville NC 3.1 12:00 PM Tanglewood Park   $1 Dedicated to Daric Beiter who taught me how to love running.
Leah Reynolds Mocksville NC 3.1 12:00 PM Tanglewood Park Special Olympics of North Carolina $1 A side stich is like a car alarm It signifies something is wrong, but u ignore it until it goes away
Thomas Reynolds Mocksville NC 3.1 12:00 PM Tanglewood Park Special Olympics of North Carolina $1 A side stich is like a car alarm It signifies something is wrong, but u ignore it until it goes away
Toni Rowe Morrisville NC 3.1 9:00 AM Town Hall Dr. Morrisville NC   $10 It All Counts
Scot Barco NAGS HEAD NC 27 7:00 AM Woods Road in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. GO FAR(Go Out For A Run) youth running program. $25 I will be running in The Outer Banks Marathon in North Carolina. It is my hometown marathon.
JoAnne Thomson Pikeville NC 3.1 8:00 AM Pikeville, NC American Heart Association $50 Decicated to our Dad's and healthy hearts!
Clint Thomson Pikeville NC 3.1 8:00 AM Pikeville, NC American Heart Association $50 Healthy Hearts and for our Dad's
kristy harmon pinebluff NC 3.1 8:00 AM   wounded warrior foundation $10 For those you will never run again...our military heros!!!
Dave Froelich Raleigh NC 7 8:00 AM Mourning Dove Rd. Raleigh, NC Church $50 To life long health and fitness !!
christy johnston Raleigh NC 5 2:00 PM Corner of Davie St. and Blount Street in DTR GLSEN $50 Life loves to be taken by the lapel and told: 'I am with you, kid. Let's go.' " - Maya Angelou"
Kimberly Logel Raleigh NC 13 9:00 AM Brier Creek Country Club, Raleigh, NC National Pancreas Found. pancreasfoundation.org $50 For Matthew, the toughest kids I know, and the National Pancreas Foundation.
Lara Platt Raleigh NC 3.1 10:00 AM Key Bridge - Washington DC   $1 In memory of Robert Parker
Erin Graves Ramseur NC Not Sure 8:00 AM     $20 Www.liveloverunblog.com
Kimberly Blackwelder Rocky Mount NC 6:00 AM 0:11:00 team in training to benefit LLS No Richmond marathon There are days when I don't know if I can run a marathon. There will be a lifetime knowing I have." 27.0"
kimberly blackwelder rocky mount NC 27 6:00 AM Red Oak, NC Team in Training $50 The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start." -John Bingham"
kimberly blackwelder rocky mount NC 27 7:00 AM Red Oak, NC LLS, Team in Training $50 The achievement isn't that I finished, it's that I had the courage to start.
Julie Smith Salisbury NC 13.1 9:00 AM Salisbury Greenway   $1 13.1 freakin one!
Tracey McCormick Sanford NC 3 10:00 AM Kawanis Park, Wicker St. TeamTLM $25 When you think you can't, is actually the best time to prove you can!
Debra Pylypiw Swansboro NC Not Sure 7:00 AM Halls Court Habitat for Humanity $10 The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start." -John Bingham"
Rebecca Wisnewski Swansboro NC 2 10:00 AM 204 Willow St Hubert, NC 28539 NC Onslow Outreach $9 Havin' fun and ready to run!!
Audrey Hendriks Wake Forest NC 3.1 Not sure Neuse Green way/Neighborhood Fight for the Cure $5 No Limits
Anne Pemberton Wilmington NC 5       $1 This is for my mother, Nancy Pemberton!
Ana Zuber Wilmington NC 5 8:00 AM Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort Nourish NC $10 Running WITHOUT LIMITS!!!
Jessica Wagers Winston Salem NC 3.1 6:00 PM Bristol Motor Speedway Homelessness and Poverty $20 Dedicated to my heavenly family members!
Laura Yannuzzi Winston Salem NC 5 Not sure   Forsyth Tech Foundation $25 Dedicated to strong women all over the world!
Jennifer Matlock Woodleaf NC 3.1 11:00 AM     $50 Runner girl
Brittaney Layton Bismarck ND 10 Not sure It will be cold and snowy in North Dakota, so inside of a gym! ACS $20 One life; One chance.
Carrie Sandstrom Bismarck ND 9 10:00 AM   Students Against Destructive Decisions $5 I am a runner simply because I run. Nothing more is required. www.makingthemile.com
Deanna Saragosa Bismarck ND 3.1 6:00 AM Haycreek Trail, Bismarck, ND Make A Wish $1 My 1st 5K
Jeff Tokarczyk Fargo ND 4 10:00 AM 40th Ave up to 52nd, down 25th, back to 40th MADD $10 Sometimes the moments that challenge us the most...Define us
Minda Schumacher Grand Forks ND 3.1 8:00 AM The Greenway   $1 Running for my boys!
Kathleen Jepson Hebron ND 10 8:00 AM On Highway 10. Running from Hebron towards Richardton Gods Child Project Bismarck ND $4 Running today for those who aren't able to.
Lindsay Maloney Hebron ND 5 6:00 AM Roads American Lung Association $1 sweetsnsweat.com
Tralina Evanoff Jamestown ND 6.2 9:00 AM Jamestown Reservoir   $1 Life is GOOD!
Joel Larsen Jamestown ND 8 7:00 PM     $10 Emily and Lydia. You guys have always supported me and told me I could do it. This is for you!
Katie Knox Mandan ND 6.2 Not sure   Michael J. Fox Foundation $500 Dedicated to Grandpa Alvin Knox. Miss you everyday!
Sasha Tonkovich Ross ND Not Sure 9:00 AM Stanley ND High School   $1 I Love to Run! And those I Run with!
carissa hysjuilen stanley ND 3.1 11:00 AM Stanley Highschool Bringing Home the Browns $25 Dedication to Oral Ranum
Heather Duerre Walhalla ND 6.2 8:00 AM Delano Ave Local Church $20 I am dedicating my run to my mother Sharon Smith.I know she would be proud of my healthy lifestyle!
Alicia Lynch Williston ND 6 Not sure 17th Ave W MonDak Humane Society $25 I am a runner because I run. Not because I run fast. Not because I run far.
LeAnne Tracey Williston ND 6.2 12:00 PM undecided March of Dimes $20 I just wanna run!
Erin Usselman Williston ND 6.2 8:00 AM     $5 https://sites.google.com/site/runmondak/
Sherry Holmes Bellevue NE 3.1 1:00 PM The streets of Bellevue!   $1 Never throw in the towel. Use it to wipe off the sweat. Then keep going.
Pamela McDiffett Central City NE   Not sure Streets in Grand Island or Central City, NE American Cancer Association $100 In memory of my favorite Irishman, my dad Hugh Miles Doyle!
Lacie Wiese Doniphan NE 6 4:00 PM   Wounded Warrior Project $10 I run for those who cant. I remember what they would give to have this gift I take for granted.
Patricia Mau Geneva NE 3.1 Not sure Eagle Lake just outside of Grand Island   $1 I am running for Bouviar de Flanders dog rescue
Tiffany Johnson Grand Island NE 3 8:00 AM     $1 Enjoy every minute!
Phylicia Mau Grand Island NE 3.1   Eagle Scout Lake in Grand Island, Ne Bouvier de Flanders rescue $1 www.phyliciamau.com
Julie McCoy Grand Island NE 3.1 Not sure   American Cancer Society $100 Running for my health, for my girls, and to remind myself how lucky I am to be able to do it!
Kylee Uden Grand Island NE 3.1 10:00 AM Summerfield Estates   $1 I run to judge myself in miles, not inches.
Kathleen Joynt Hastings NE 3.1 8:00 AM 5350 W. Valley Road, Hastings, NE   $50 If you are going through hell, keep going" - Winston Churchill"
Amy Ladd LaVista NE 3.1 10:00 AM     $5 Dare to Tri
Darla Pfeifer LaVista NE         $1 out running
Kristin Anderson Lincoln NE 3.1 11:00 AM Holmes Lake American Foundation for Suicide Prevention $10 For my family and all families/friends who have lost a loved one to suicide
Darbi Herring Lincoln NE Not Sure       $1 The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare. -Juma Ikangaa, '89 NYC Marathon winner
Amy Pohlman Lincoln NE 13.1 8:00 AM MoPac Trail United Way $100 The miracle is not to finish, but having the courage to start
Alyssa Ramsey Lincoln NE         $1 You can throw in the towel, or you can use it to wipe the sweat off your face.""
Stacie Sandall McCook NE 3.1 8:00 PM Streets Project Romania $200 I will run for Project Romania, to benefit destitute.
J. Uzzell Norfolk NE 3.1 8:00 AM corner of Skyline Dr. & Imperial Rd. Alzheimer's Research $9 Dedicated to my dad and all others who have dementia.
Brandy Mote Offutt AFB NE 3.1 9:00 AM Walnut Creek Red Cross $5 For Dad
Kara Armatis Omaha NE Not Sure Not sure Hillsborough neighborhood - Standing Bear Lake Alzheimer's Foundation of America $6 This run & every run is dedicated to my Grandma-my inspiration in everything I do. Love and miss you
Kristie Kreifels Omaha NE 3.1 Not sure Aksarben Village Autism Society of Nebraska $5 The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.""
Anne Rains Omaha NE 5 10:00 AM in my neighborhood Catholic Charities $10 And endurance produces character and character produces hope.""
Robyn Runyan Omaha NE 3 11:00 AM Chalco Lake   $5 I have been running a short time, and have thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thanks
Jessica Runyan Omaha NE 10 11:00 AM Chalco Lake   $5 Love to Run!!
Nichole Runyan Omaha NE 3 11:00 AM Chalco Lake   $5 Love To Run
Stacie Sawyer Omaha NE 5 9:00 AM     $1 work hard. play hard.
Kelsey Thompson Omaha NE 5 6:00 AM Dundee, Omaha Nebraska Wounded Warrior Project and www.TaylorMorris.org $100 Thank you to everyone for support! Please visit TaylorMorris.org or Wounded Warrior Project
Tonia Todd omaha NE 5 9:00 AM     $1 Do it. Do it, do it do it.
Angela Weis Omaha NE 3 3:00 PM     $35 Thank you!
Robin Graham Papillion NE 4 10:00 AM Zorinsky Lake, Omaha, NE American Red Cross $100 I have fun and explore because I love to be outdoors
Jill Stinson Papillion NE 12 5:00 AM   American Heart Association $20 For my grandma...who is now in a better world
Amber Kuester Plainview NE 6.2 1:00 PM     $10 There is no happiness except in the realization that we have accomplished something. ~Henry Ford~
Tammie Mead Syracuse NE 5 10:00 AM Streets around sweet Syracuse, NE   $50 To a family that has to keep running even though their hearts are empty, The Hestermann's
Jennifer Abbott Allenstown NH 7 Not sure 21 Bartlett Street Allenstown, NH 03275   $1 No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up!
Theresa Rasp Bedford NH 4 8:00 AM Hitching Post Lane to Wallace Road Bedford NH Susan G. Komen for the Cure $100 Jamie walked for me when I needed it the most. Relish Life and being able to Live it to the most!!!
Ronda Kilanowski Campton NH 3.1 9:00 AM Currently unsure D Acres of NH $100 Dedicate time to your health so you have more time with the ones you love.
Ally Lary Canaan NH 4 9:00 AM Keene, NH American Cancer Society $25 So excited to be running with some of my favorite ladies!!
Kati Lary Canaan NH 4 9:00 AM Keene, NH Guardian Angels for Soldier's Pets $25 I love my little sister so much!
John L'Heureux Litchfield NH 11 10:00 AM Albuquerque Ave. bike path ST. Joseph Home and Hospice Care $25 Running clears the mind, heals the body, and frees the soul.
Michelle Beane Lyme NH 3.1 8:00 AM New Hampshire NH Assoc for the Blind - in honor of my Uncle Joe $25 Running with Kerry...3.1 closer to Disney!
Melissa Hopf Manchester NH 6.2 10:00 AM Manchester   $20 It's never too late to become what you might have been." George Elliot"
Rick Day Portsmouth NH 13.1 8:00 AM Portsmouth High School Families First $50 A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. by Confucius
Michelle Johnson Stratham NH 4   Hickory Pond Lane   $10 GO PATRIOTS!!!
Francesca Maffei-Lazev Stratham NH 5 9:00 AM Lilac Way, Stratham American Cancer Society $25 I dedicate my run to my mom, Harriet, and the fight to end cancer!!
Teresa Starkey Swanzey NH 3.1 9:00 AM Keene, NH American Cancer Society $10 Be healthy!
Christine Nguyen Belleville NJ 6.2 10:00 AM     $1 Nguyenners never quit.
Lori Guevara Blairstown NJ   3:00 PM Paulinskill Rail Trail in Warren Cty, NJ Rocky Ridge Refuge $100 Collecting cash for the care of cute critters!
Aidan Solano Blairstown NJ   3:00 PM Paulinskill Rail Trail in Warren Cty, NJ Rocky Ridge Refuge $25 Collecting cash to care for cute critters
Misty Rude Carneys Point NJ 3 9:00 AM my house American Cancer Society $10 I don't sweat, I glisten!!
Herminia Quinan Cedar Grove NJ 10 6:00 AM montclair   $5 Enjoy the beauty of nature through running!
Amanda Walsh Clifton NJ 3.1 9:00 AM Brookdale Park in Montclair, NJ Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons $5 Dedicated to Tyler and beloved dogs everywhere
Callie Davies Gooch Cream Ridge NJ 3.1 9:00 AM Cranbury Harness Horse Youth Faoundation $20 Dedicated to January and Beau Davies
Jeff Withum East Brunswick NJ 6.2 9:00 AM Streets   $10 EBIFC.COM
Bonnie Johnson Egg Harbor Township NJ 10 Not sure possibly 5 miles on Ocean City Boardwalk & 5 miles in Galloway Township , NJ Hope For Atlantic City $25 Dedicating this run to Brielle THeresa Santo","Kim Berk" & HOPE FOR ATLANTIC CITY"
Lauren Landgrebe Erial NJ 3 12:00 PM Cobble stone farms Ms, animals, boobies, cancer $1 I dedicate this run to my long lost winter laziness
Keith Elisberg Fort Lee NJ 3.1 9:00 AM Fort Lee Community Center 1355 Inwood Terrace Fort Lee NJ Semper Fi Fund www.semperfifund.org $5 www.polarusa.com
Michelle Laski Hasbrouck Heights NJ 8 Not sure   St Jude $20 One step at a time
Claire May Hillsdale NJ 5 7:00 AM Washington Ave. Feed the Poor $100 Keep your heart and mind open to life and love
cecilia alves hillside NJ 3.1 12:00 PM Westminster and Conant St in Hillside Red Cross $5 Start where you are Use what you have Do what you can" Arthur Ashe"
Marietta Corrado Howell NJ 6.2 Not sure Manasquan Reservoir County Park Howell, NJ The Christopher Ricardo Cystic Fibrosis Foundation $25 Life isn't about finding yourself,life is about creating yourself"-George Bernard Shaw"
Randy Dalbey Jersey City NJ 3.1       $1 For Sasso
Randy Dalbey Jersey City NJ         $1 For Sasso
Colleen OLeary Jersey City NJ         $20 Run for those who can't.
Tracey Hessert Mays Landing NJ 10 11:00 AM Mays Landing Bike Path   $10 For those suffering with something that prevents them from running, I run to build strength for you
Sarah Prawdzik Medford NJ 6.2 1:00 PM Local jogging paths Susan G Komen $25 In memory of Lynn Rush
Lynne Taylor Middlesex NJ 5 8:00 AM Middlesex, NJ Leukemia & Lymphoma Society $100 http://pages.teamintraining.org/nj/wdw13/ltaylorfjk
Susan Chimento Millstone Township NJ 5 9:00 AM farm roads in Millstone Township, NJ Alzheimer's Association $20 Dedicated to Louise DePasquale - miss you mom xoxoxo
Anthony Eck Milltown NJ   6:00 AM Milltown Road   $1 When you are ready to give up, go one more mile!
Ronald Kowalski Montville NJ 3.1 8:00 AM Glenwood Drive, Montville WIN Food Pantry $20 Don't be afraid. Just believe.
Greg Merritt Ocean City NJ 3.1 8:00 AM Boardwalk Ocean City, NJ Livestrong $25 Run for fun!
Joanne Salvato Pleasantville NJ 3.1 10:00 AM   UNICEF $50 UNICEF
Hiroyuki Idone Princeton NJ   8:00 AM     $20 Nothing special
Ann Wahba Rockaway NJ 9 9:00 AM   American Foundation for Suicide Prevention $25 FOR my girl & WITH my girl
Erin Wahba Rockaway NJ 3 9:00 AM   American Foundation for Suicide Prevention $25 Become part of the solution.
Belinda Stradford Scotch Plains NJ 3.1 Not sure TBD TBD $1 Mom, I know you are smiling down on me. You are the wind beneath my wings.
Scott Lee Somerset NJ 3.1 9:00 AM     $20 Dedicated to my late sister
Jill Weber Springfield NJ 3.1 8:00 AM Treadmill - likely because of weather Horizon High School $20 I run because I can
Ilie Lupu Tenafly NJ 3.1 9:00 AM 29 Sussex road Tenafly, NJ UJA New Jersey $25 Running is a celebration of the heart!
Mary Power Toms River NJ 5 9:00 AM   Dynamic Catholic $25 It's not that I finished, I had the guts to start.
Alison OBrien Union NJ 16 9:00 AM Hendricks Dr. Union, NJ Leukemia & Lymphoma Society $25 In memory of my second dad", Bob Castellano"
Karen Martin Vernon NJ 13.1 Not sure Walt Disney World   $1 I run to relieve stress!
Stephanie Peart Vineland NJ 6.2 6:00 AM Chestnut Assemblies of God Church on Chestnut Ave, Vineland, NJ Vineland Dream Center $5 With God all things are possible!
Lilah Ormond Voorhees NJ 4 9:00 AM 138 Abbey Rd.... Home ASPCA $9 Finally reaching a goal! Down 45 and running! <>
Monette Bynum WESTAMPTON NJ 3.1 7:00 AM   Soldier's Angels $20 This is for Soldier's Angels! They have helped military families like mine in so many ways.
Melissa Kozlowski Albuquerque NM 5 9:00 AM Tramway and Copper American Cancer Society $5 Love and Miss you MOM ~ Happy Thea Day!
Vanessa Manuelito Albuquerque NM 15 7:00 AM Sandia casino   $1 Dedicate this run to my kiddos ;-) Joe & Reesie
Vanessa Power Albuquerque NM 6.2 8:00 AM Tramway & Montgomery   $5 Best birthday ever!
Jonella Vasquez Albuqueruque NM 10 9:00 AM   American Cancer Society $1 No Pain No Gain
Shania Vallo Casa blanca NM 2 9:00 AM     $1 The only one who can tell you 'you can't' is you. And you don't have to listen." -Nike"
Troy Hardy Clovis NM 13.1 8:00 AM Clovis,NM ACS $5 Fitness
Mary Marez Clovis NM 3.1 4:00 PM Running from prince st to 7th United way $100 My children and grandchildren are my life.
Debbie Montoya cLOVIS NM       lady of guadalupe $25 In loving memory of my Dad Lee Orcutt
Grace Blackwater Kirtland NM 6 9:00 AM Kirtland Elementary School   $1 Racing teaches us to challenge ourselves. It helps us to find out what we are made of. Yeego!
Reynie Benelli Los Alamos NM 6.2 7:00 AM White rock NM... Pajarito Loop. Diabetes Awareness $1 Run Free.. Dedicated to Caballo Blanco (Micah True), Que viva los Mas Locos y Locas !!!!
Robynom Collom Los Alamos NM 3 8:00 AM     $10 She believed she could so she did.
Carol Rogers Los Lunas NM 11 7:00 AM     $20 Run and not grow weary
Lisa Bye Santa Fe NM 10 Not sure     $25 I run therfore I am
Kelley Koehler Santa Fe NM Not Sure Not sure New Mexico Girls on the Run $25 We can do it!
Karyn Latter Mount Uniacke NS 13.1 9:00 AM Mount Uniacke NS Canadian Cancer Society $20 In memory of my Uncle Robert E. Harris who lost his battle with cancer this year.
JANET BEAVER CARSON CITY NV 6.2 10:00 AM LITTLE LANE VILLALOBOS $20 do your best that is all you can ask of yourself
Zaria Douglas Carson City NV 0.5 10:00 AM Colorado and Pinebrook   $1 My first run!
Brucie Ethridge Carson City NV 6 12:00 PM 624 Jackson Way   $1 To my Dad, and to my daughters, son-in-laws, who keep me moving.
Amy Goggiano Carson City NV 3 10:00 AM Colorado and Pinebrook   $1 Thank you, running, for helping my physical and mental stability!
Daniel Goggiano Carson City NV 3.1 10:00 AM Colorado and Pinebrook   $1 I am dedicating my run to Kolene Crouch!
Kelsey Green Carson City NV 3.1 9:00 AM Vacaville, CA Rely for life $10 Happy Thanksgiving
Scottie Weisenthal Dayton NV 6 12:00 PM 624 Jackson Way   $1 Dedicated to my Mom.
Kimmy Weisenthal Dayton NV 6 12:00 PM 624 Jackson Way   $1 To my Mom, my inspiration to always finish what I start.
Leslie Zimmerman Eureka NV 5 7:00 AM Home   $1 Be yourself, everyone else is taken!
Steve Zimmerman Eureka NV 6 8:00 AM home   $1 !!!
Carl Bahr Henderson NV 13.1 6:00 AM Green Valley, Henderson, NV Nevada Health Centers. $5 This run will be dedicated to our recently departed beagle, Seratonin.
Grace Cabaccang Henderson NV 2 8:00 AM From Lucky Bamboo & Paradise in Henderson. WorldVision $5 I dedicate this run to my daughter Naomi who would have been 7 years old last September. I love you!
Lori McCollem Henderson NV 6.2 7:00 AM Chateau Clermont and Democracy Three Square $50 I'm running in memory of my grandparents: Bony Ben Jones, Jane LaFae Jones & Garold Weston Burton.
Teri Radke Henderson NV         $50 Get it done.
Maybelline Alejandro Las Vegas NV 6 Not sure Around my neighborhood ASPCA $1 I dedicate this run to my family. Thank you for believing in me. Love you guys!
Mollie Bergeron Las Vegas NV 7 7:00 AM Town Square, Las Vegas, NV   $5 For dad. http://mollierunning.tumblr.com
Daniel Cooley Las Vegas NV 3.1 3:00 PM The Trails, Trailwood Dr, Las Vegas NV OxFam $25 I dedicate this run to OxFam America.
Elizabeth Coop Las Vegas NV 4 7:00 AM Summerlin Las Vegas Nevada 89138 safe nest $20 To My Family
Leigh Evans Las Vegas NV 3.1 Not sure Flamingo, Durango, Ft. Apache, Tropicana Three Square $20 Geaux Tigers!
Vivian Garcia Las Vegas NV 2 10:00 AM     $1 I'm running because I've taken on the Cinch Challenge!! www.VivianGarcia.com
Nellie Gazmen Las Vegas NV 3.1 7:00 AM Maryland Parkway Opportunity Village $1 No regrets!
MICHELLE JOHNSON Las Vegas NV 3.1 9:00 AM   Child Haven $100 Make yourself stronger than your excuses.
Katarzyna Kimmet las vegas NV 5 8:00 AM alta dr   $5 become yourself
Karl Kingsley Las Vegas NV 6.2 Not sure   Red Cross $50 Red Cross: Hurricane Sandy relief
stephen mauro Las Vegas NV   8:00 AM Exploration Peak Park Las Vegas Nv Elan's Run Mob/Casino Cat Nippers $100 pour vous petit frère
Rena Schoonmaker Las Vegas NV 1 8:00 AM Durango Rd. and Racel Livestrong $20 Instead of looking for the right person be the right person
JAMIE SULLIVAN Las Vegas NV 3.1 10:00 AM Washington and Sloan up Washington to top of the hill and back.   $3 Running for John Schumacher, my DAD, love you. You are so strong!!
Zorana Williams-Fennell LAS VEGAS NV 4 6:00 AM Ala Moana Park, Honolulu, HI. Girls Scouts $20 Run, walk, crawl, just get it done.
Diana Sakai Las Vegeas NV 3.1 8:00 AM Palmhurst to Alta to Antelope to Astronaut to Palmhurst twice   $1 Challenge yourself today! Run just a bit farther than you normally run! Have fun!
Katy North Lovelock NV 6 8:00 AM Damonte ranch   $2 Get some baby
Athena Agustin North Las Vegas NV 10 Not sure Ann & Bruce   $50 Success isn't how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.
juanita chapman Reno NV 3 9:00 AM Lemmon Valley SPCA $20 running for my life
Sandra Clark Reno NV 4 9:00 AM Cassilis Drive Make-a-Wish $10 I like to run, it makes me smile. I think I will run another mile.
Lynda Harper Reno NV 6.2 8:00 AM along the river   $25 I run for Trinity who can't and Blain who loved to
Richard Harper Reno NV 6.2 8:00 AM along the river   $25 Running for Trinity
Danelle Moropoulos Reno NV Not Sure 4:00 PM     $1 A journey to a thousand miles begins with one step""
Sara Morris Reno NV 6       $5 I'm running for my kids!!
Jennifer Peterson Reno NV 6.2 8:00 AM Damone ranch   $2 Yay runners
Colleen Wolfe Sparks NV 5 9:00 AM corner of Prater way and Lillard in Sparks nv   $5 dedicated to Ethel Bernice Carder
carol cunningham Akron NY 1 9:00 AM Hatch Lake United Way $100 Annual run with my Sister in Law!
Rebecca Colino Albany NY 6 Not sure     $25 Because I CAN!!!
elizabeth gingrich albany NY 4   2 palma blvd. in albany, ny PETA $9 I dedicate this run to all the abused or neglected animals everywhere
Rachel Gingrich albany NY 4     Peta $9 I dedicate this run to my Grampy Bob whom I love and miss
devon gingrich albany NY 4 9:00 AM 2 palma blvd in albany Greenpeace $9 i dedicate this run to paving a path towards a sustainable future for all living things!
Jessica Brooks Apt C6 NY 6.2 10:00 AM Hudson Valley Rail Trail Breast Cancer Awareness $25 You are so much stronger than you think you are.
Lori Bodoh Auburn NY 6.2 9:00 AM Beechtree Rd, Columbus St., West Genesee St, Half Acre Rd, Rt 5/20, Beechtree rd. Save Baby Easton Fund $25 For My Nephew Easton who was diagnosed with Epidermylosis Bullosa
Ann Kahl Baldwinsville NY 13.1 Not sure 2216 Mercer Street, Baldwinsville, NY Red Cross $100 Could not run NYC Marathon b/c of Sandy. I'll run for the people in NYC affected by the storm.
Don Spaulding Baldwinsville NY 8 9:00 AM Longworth Ct SPCA $10 Run and raise your spirit honor our veterans, raise the spirit of all those who have served us.
Jill Slighter Blasdell NY 1 9:00 AM Lakeland, FL no sure $5 Time with family.
Scott Slighter Blasdell NY 1 9:00 AM Lakeland, FL not sure $5 Walking with family today.
Justin Slighter Blasdell NY 1 9:00 AM Lakeland, FL not sure $5 It's my Birthday Today...I'm walking with family from Lakeland, FL and Buffalo, NY - This is cool!
Ken Smerka Blasdell NY 1 Not sure Lakeland, FL not sure $5 Running in Lakeland, FL with family. They are what is most important to me.
Jamie-Lynn Winkler Blasdell NY 3.1 Not sure Lakeland, FL uncertain at this time $5 ...it's OK to be the tortoise...
Peter Maniscalco Blue Point NY 3.1 10:00 AM Flo's Snack Bar - Middle Road, Blue Point, NY 11715 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation $1 NEGU - Never Ever Give Up
Lisa Nilsen Brewster NY 3.1 9:00 AM Dingle Ridge Road and Vail Lane, North Salem, NY American Cancer Socety $200 So many reasons to run... so just DOING IT!
Alessandra Crocenzi Brooklyn NY 6 9:00 AM Main st   $10 anyone can run as long as you put your mind to it
Adria Crum Brooklyn NY Not Sure 11:00 AM   Team for kids $50 Dedicated to Charles A Ventura Sr
David Gerber Buffalo NY 5 2:00 PM local park   $100 In memory of my brother.
Laura Thomas Buffalo NY 4 1:00 PM deleware park   $1 run!
Alicia Chase Cadyville NY 6.2       $20 You never know how strong you can be, until being strong is your only option.
Kierra Smith Cassadaga NY 6.2 9:00 AM     $1 5k to 10k Goal Accomplished!!
Karen Lederman Castleton NY 3.1 8:00 AM Corner of Brookview and Maple Hill Roads Special Olympics $25 Dedicated to my children
Carolyn Long Center Moriches NY 5   Center Moriches High School Tap-Out Cancer $100 Running for all the members of my family battling cancer. We will not be defeated.
Leanne Macey Champlain NY 6 9:00 AM Cumberland Head, NY. 6.2 miles around the head starting at the Elementary School. Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research $5 Post-NYC Marathon celebratory run!
Alison Briggs Commack NY 3.1 8:00 AM Sunken Meadow State Park. Brain Cancer Research. $20 Brain Cancer Research, We need to do more.
Jenelle Glover Corning NY 5 9:00 AM Corning, NY SPCA $5 For when I am weak, I am strong
Robert McCarthy Deer Park NY 8 7:00 AM Deer Park, NY March of Dimes $10 To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
Darlynn Serafin E Greenbush NY 5 9:00 AM Gilligan Rd, Philo RD, Hays Rd, Goff Middle School Susan G Koman $5 For the love of running and a healthy lifestyle
Paul Elias East Rochester NY 6 Not sure East Rochester, NY Veterans OutReach Center $5 Run Happy
Jennifer Elias East Rochester NY Not Sure Not sure East Rochester, ny Veterans Outreach Center $5 Run for Popcorn
Maria Basile East Setauket NY 3 10:00 AM   Academy of American Poets (poets.org) $35 Suddenly I realize That if I stepped out of my body I would break Into blossom. -James Wright
Peter Kowalczyk Ferndale NY 3.1 9:00 AM   American Cancer Society $25 to all victims of cancer
Richard Sartori Glen Cove NY 3.1 9:00 AM Westland Drive,Glen Cove,N.Y.   $25 For all the single parents who do double duty every day
Ann Marie Wenzel Gowanda NY 4 2:00 PM Scott Road, Dayton, NY Roswell Park Cancer Institute $10 No matter how hard running is to begin with it does get easier.
Kristin Quinn Greenlawn NY 4 11:00 AM Pine Place Greenlawn, NY Little Shelter Animal Rescue $10 Either you ran today or you didn't.""
Erin Mahunik Homer NY 6 7:00 AM not sure   $5 A toast to my big brother, George: the richest man in town.""
Kelly Williams Horseheads NY 10 7:00 AM     $50 Whether it's a 14 minute mile or a 7 minute mile, it's still a mile
Jon Williams Horseheads NY 10 7:00 AM     $50 Whether you believe you can or believe you can't, you are probably right." Henry Ford"
Andrew Tanzillo Hudson NY   1:00 PM Greenport, NY 12434 American Red Cross $9 Dana DeLair
Gigi Becker Huntington Station NY Not Sure Not sure South Huntington, New York Little Shelter Animal Adoption Center $25 Will Run for Candy""
Ellen Brewer Ithaca NY 6 4:00 PM Cass Park, Ithaca NY 14850 OODW oUT OF THE DARK SUICIDE PREVENTION WALK $5 USMC CPL BORDONI
Laura Davis Ithaca NY Not Sure Not sure     $10 A gift to myself for my birthday.
Penni Dean Ithaca NY 6.2 12:00 PM Warren Road, Ithaca NY 14850 OOTD Walk Suicide Prevention walk $5 IN MEMORY OF Deputy Nick Preston
Dena Stevenson Jeffersonville NY 5 9:00 AM Schoolhouse Road American Red Cross $25 I'm running for everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy
Zoraya Cruz-Bonilla Johnson City NY 3.1 2:00 PM Binghamton University American Heart Association $25 Don't stop...
Peg Parker Jordan NY 3.1 11:00 AM Down my road towards Quimby's bridge. CNY Ronald McDonald House $10 This one's for you Missy!
Valerie Abraham-Rogers Lake Placid NY 3 9:00 AM I will run my usual loop around the beautiful Mirror Lake. Reason2Smile $50 Run to ski, run to row, run to run!
Richard Kamzan Lido Beach NY 5 10:00 AM Long Beach Boardwalk   $10 run for life
TRACY KENNEDY LIVERPOOL NY 3.1 9:00 AM     $1 Glad to be a part of World Run Day 2012
THOMAS KENNEDY LIVERPOOL NY Not Sure Not sure     $1 World Run Day 2012
Lawrence Kalvar Long beach NY 5 8:00 AM   AHA autism group $25 To all who showed me the way
Mariefel Paqueo long beach NY 2 5:00 AM     $1 Keep on running!
Dana Lyon martville NY 7 8:00 AM state route 38, finches corners road, humphry road, sterling station road, shortcut road YSC $20 If you have to ask us why we run, you'll never understand, so just accept.
Barbara Leonard-Dynia Massapequa NY 3.1 8:00 AM Endicott, NY Make A Wish $8 Have a Great Run
Donna Roper Mechanicville NY Not Sure 9:00 AM Saratoga Spa Park, Saratoga Springs, NY   $1 For my husband, SMSgt Jerry Roper, who is deployed during this Fathers Day.
Pattie Ball Middle Grove NY 3.1 7:00 AM Wileytown Rd   $9 Courage-Strength-Perseverance
Greg Saladino Nesconset NY 20 6:00 AM Smithtown, NY Contractors For Kids $25 For my girls - Lauren, Halle, and Chelsea. You are my world.
Ruth Gursky New York NY 4 9:00 PM Inside Central Park, at the West 72 Street transverse, across from the Daniel Webster Statue Hadassah $100 Running is fun - if I can do it, you can, too!
Denise Hidalgo New York NY 4   72nd Street CPW   $5 Things never begin by being what they become
Ariel Hidalgo New York NY 4   72nd & CPW   $5 Love Peace and Running
Jason Hidalgo New York NY 4   72nd & CPW   $5 35
virginia hunt new york NY 4 10:00 AM central park   $1 peace
Debbie Tracy Newport NY 3.1 8:00 AM North Street, Newport, NY   $10 Whether you believe you can or believe you can't, you're probably right." -Henry Ford"
Danielle Parks Oneonta, NY NY 9 8:00 AM     $1 FORGIVE. FORGET. OVERCOME. LOVE.
SHANNON STOCKDALE Otego NY 4 7:00 AM State Hwy 23 West Oneonta NY Susquehanna SPCA $100 Today I run to support and raise funds for the Susquehanna SPCA.
Valerie Esposito Pawling NY 5 9:00 AM Lakeside Drive, Pawling, NY 12564   $1 A run has never returned me exactly the same. I go, I grow. -K.Armstrong
Alexis Gerling Penfield NY 4 7:00 AM Hillrise to Hillary to Baird to waylan to hillrise   $20 Dedicate to Rachel my Daughter. You can do anything you set your mind to.
April Miller Penfield NY 6.2 Not sure Baird Rd   $10 This run will be dedicated to all those brave women out there who have overcome Breast Cancer
SUZANNE EWING plattsburgh NY 3.1 6:00 AM     $25 Running to stay fit!
bob heins plattsburgh NY 6.2 9:00 AM     $10 onward and upword
Shawna Mefferd Carroll Plattsburgh NY Not Sure Not sure Neighborhood Dan Springer Technical Theatre Scholarship $20 Running for Dan - November 17 would have been his 52nd birthday. I love you, Cowboy Dan.
Karen Escolas Port Washington NY 3.1 8:00 AM 6 Cliff Way   $25 Dedicated to Mark, for running 5 miles with me Thanksgiving 2010.
Natalie Doherty poughkeepsie NY 7 7:00 AM Timberline - Raker Road Run   $1 To my dad...I run because I can!
Gabrielle Hurtubise Poughkeepsie NY 7 7:00 AM Timberline Drive American Red Cross $50 To my heart and my hero, my husband Tom.
Michelle Koller Poughkeepsie NY 7 7:00 AM Timberline Drive Hurricane Sandy $10 Run for fun!
Geraldine LaGasse Poughkeepsie NY 5 8:00 AM Walkway over the Hudson, Poughkeepsie, NY American Cancer Society $20 Dedicated in memory of Dad, who was always happy to see me run. xo
Rod Bailey Rochester NY 8 9:00 AM Klink Rd, Brighton, NY American Cancer Society $25 My father - G. Lewis Bailey
Marla Bertani Rochester NY 1 9:00 AM Hatch Lake Undecided $10 Annual Run with my Sister In Law
Jessica Breitfeld Rochester NY Not Sure 9:00 AM     $5 Dedicated to my grandpa Lou :)
Keri Pahls Rochester NY 4 2:00 PM   American Diabetes Association $20 For my mom who has worked so hard to get back in shape
Margy Peet Rochester NY 3.1 9:00 AM Klink Rd. Alzheimer's Assoc. $9 Kelli McMahon
JulieAnn Warner Rochester NY 6 7:00 AM The Erie Canal Path at Schoen Place in Pittsford, NY American Cancer Society $50 Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're probably right.
Katharine Dailey Rockville Centre NY 4 8:00 AM 80 Banks Avenue Stand Up to Cancer $20 I am going to run in support of Stand Up to Cancer organization.
Kara LaPietro Rotterdam NY 6 9:00 AM     $1 Will run for wine
Gerald Duprey Rouses Point NY 6.2 9:00 AM Cumberland Head, NY   $10 Grace Hamel
Mary Duprey Rouses Point NY 6.2 9:00 AM Cumberland Head, NY   $10 Grace Hamel
Victoria Zagata Rushville NY 3.1 3:00 PM Canandaigua ny   $9 Run!!!!
Gregory Moore Saranac Lake NY 8 6:00 AM Home Local church $20 Dedicated to my family. Follow my example. I love you.
Linda Moore Saranac lake NY 3 8:00 AM Home Local church $20 For my family!
Sue Ciarmiello Schenectady NY 9 9:00 AM Central Park, Schenectady, NY   $20 Happy Birthday Dad!
Debra LaPietro Schenectady NY 6 9:00 AM Random Acres Neighborhood and beyond Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy $20 Women are like teabags. We don't know our true strength until we are in hot water!
Deborah Oeser Schenectady NY 8 6:00 AM HighBridge Rd, Schenectady PanCan $25 Running long, getting strong!
Pamela Silvano Schenectady NY 3 11:00 AM Bradford Rd Camp Fowler Scholarship Fund $50 I run because I can!
Maria-Lisa Williams Schenectady NY 5 10:00 AM Niskayuna Bike Path Salvation Army $25 Running for Papa!
Julie Bushart Selkirk NY 9 9:00 AM Running Stockadeathon - 15k Schenectady, NY Michael Fox Parkinson's Fountd, Cancer Society $25 Dedicated to Mom and Dad; Miss you every day! :)
Diane Prystajko Spencerport NY 12 8:00 AM     $1 For the love of running!
Jolie Schiering Stony Point NY 6.2 10:00 AM Rockland Lake Hospice of Rockland $20 Just keep MOVING!!!!
Nicole Egan Syracuse NY         $1 Every day is a good day when you run." -Kevin Nelson"
Heather Glosser varysburg NY 10 8:00 AM On the streets of the village of Warsaw.   $10 In running and in life: the difference between success and failure comes down to one single step.
Casey Wall Vestal NY 5 9:00 AM Rail Trail LINK $9 Training to train
Nathan Tweedie Walton NY 3.1 Not sure Village and Town of Walton, NY. Matthew Tweedie Scholarship Fund. $5 I am running in memory of my Brother, Matt.
chris fladd wappinger falls NY 3.1 9:00 AM     $10 i do not wish to post a message
Christopher Regan Wappingers Falls NY 8 9:00 AM Storm King Firehouse 233 Hudson Street, Corner of Hudson and Clark Cornwall-On-Hudson, NY   $5 I want to dedicate this to my friends & family and all those who support me on MyFitnessPal!
sandra Zueger warwick NY 6 10:00 AM Heritage Trail starting from Chester running to Monroe and back   $10 Andreas Zueger
Charity Oliver Watertown NY Not Sure       $2 This is for motivation to be a better me.
Sandra Brewer Waverly NY 6.2 9:00 AM   Prostate Cancer Foundation $25 Feeling Stronger Every Day
Alyssa Herrle Webster NY 3 10:00 AM North Ponds Park The Salvation Army $40 Life can be pulled by goals just as surely as it can be pushed by drives. -Viktor Frankl
mark tramontana west babylon NY 5 9:00 AM center moriches high school track tapout cancer $20 I dedicate this run to my mother and all breast cancer warriors!!!
Renee Affinati West Monroe NY 12       $5 It's time to turn dreams into goals! http://www.infiniterunning.org
Robin Affinati West Monroe NY 3       $1 http://www.infiniterunning.org
Paul Wimbert West Nyack NY 3.1 9:00 AM Rockland Lake, Congers, NY American Cancer Society $25 Dedicated to those with cancer
Les Francis Westbury NY 6.2 Not sure Hicksville Rd and Brushhollow Rd, Westbury, NY American Lung Association $50 Run like your life depended on it!
Joyce Soler White Plains NY Not Sure 8:00 AM     $1 No matter what your speed, you are still lapping those sitting on the cough. Keep running!
patricia kullmann whitesboro NY 15 7:00 AM Oneida county rural roads Alzheimers $50 Dedicated to the best coach and better Dad Joseph Ficcaro
Rob Giordano Yonkers NY 5 Not sure Warburton Ave   $1 Thanks to all Veterans!
William Berard III YOUNGSTOWN NY 7 10:00 AM Hillview drive and Riverview Drive, Youngstown, NY Catholic Charities $100 set your goals and go for it!


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