A sincere Thank You to all WORLD RUN DAY 2012 Participants! We had over 2500 runners this year!

We hope to see you for World Run Day 2013 - coming Sunday, November 10th.

Participant listing for WORLD RUN DAY (November 11, 2012)
Note: All individual participants are listed according to state of residence

STATES A-D Listing
STATES F-L Listing
STATES M-N Listing
STATES O-T Listing
STATES U-W Listing

First Name Last Name City State Distance Ideal World Run Day start time Where do you plan to start your run Charity Name Donation Amount Message to post to runday.com
Roxie Hudspeth Clinton UT 6 10:00 AM Weber River Parkway American Foundation for Suicide prevention $20 My inspiration in life my mother.
Jackie Wait Farr West UT 13.1 10:00 AM my house Ogden Racers Adventurer Club $50 For the Fam, I'm the Lucky One!
Sharyn Aguiar Fillmore UT 10 9:00 AM Utah Lake Salt Lake Mission $5 To those in my family who cannot run, I'll be your legs. This is for you!
Jyll Okelberry Goshen UT 3.1 9:00 AM 145 South 100 West Utah Lupus Foundation $20 I dedicate this run to my dad and sister who have lupus!!!
Kellie May Murray UT 7 9:00 AM Jordan River Parkway Susan G Komen Salt Lake City Affiliate $25 I run because I can.
Alyce Wasden North Salt Lake UT 4 9:00 AM City Creek Road, Salt Lake, Utah Children of Ethiopia Education Fund $200 Dedicated to my father, Howard Wasden, who gave so much to so many.
Just McLovin Ogden UT 6.2 9:00 AM   livestrong $10 If god wanted us to run, he would have given us legs...oh wait...
Lisa Nichols Ogden UT 4 8:00 AM   Humane Society of Utah $200 Good job!
Renata Sprung Ogden UT 3.1 7:00 PM Neighborhood Roads   $5 Smile while you run. People wonder what you are up to!
Kim Kap Pleasant View UT 5 5:00 PM 3720 N. 1100 W. Pleasant View UT Primary Children's Medical Center $10 Mrs. Gray
lisa weaver price UT         $5 For granny.
Suzy Cox Provo UT 10 8:00 AM Provo River Trail Save the Children $20 I run for my body, my brain, my present, and my future.
Lyn Christian Salt Lake City UT 6   724 Ramona Ave.   $1 If you want to participate with me on this run email me at lyn@soulsalt.com !
Kathy Hunter Salt Lake City UT 6.2 10:00 AM Salt Lake City Crohn's/Colitis Foundation $25 Run with Mom
Nile Larsen Salt Lake City UT 3.1 4:00 PM Wasatch Blvd and 4800 South Utah environmental congress $20 run for your life!
Diane Teece Salt Lake City UT 22 9:00 AM Arrowhead Park, Murray, UT American Red Cross $5 Use it or lose it!
Bruce Troutman Salt Lake City UT 6.2 8:00 AM 346 Stonehedge Drive, 500 East to 2100 South and back American Diabetes Foundation $20 For those who can not run - let us run in hope they someday May
Andrew Pullens Sandy UT 6 9:00 AM Buttercup Park, Sandy, UT   $50 while ( distance < race.length() ) {me.run();}
Jeff Johnson South Jordan UT 3.1 8:00 AM Treadmill LDS Church Missionary fund $10 Dedicated to Amy Johnson, who I will love throughout eternity.
Candy Hendrix south Ogden UT 3.1 9:00 AM Ogden River Parkway COPD $25 To all the great Fathers!
Danette Mead Tooele UT 3.1 12:00 PM     $1 Those who give us wings are sad not to see them fly.
sirena riddle tooele UT 5 10:00 AM     $1 run for health
Dee Sparks Tooele UT 5 10:00 AM     $1 I can do it.
Michelle Frazier Eagan West Jordan UT 5 3:00 AM my house! American Cancer Society $20 Thank You to my father, mother, and sisters for believing in me!
Lisa Cureton Alexandria VA 5 Not sure Burke lake park CFC $100 If you're going thru hell, run faster.
Wendy Driver Alexandria VA 3.1 Not sure work or at home, depending on the day. Back on My Feet $50 This is for my mentor, Jeffrey J Gray.
Desston Haskins Alexandria VA 4 8:00 AM     $1 Never give up
Desston Haskins Alexandria VA   8:00 AM     $1 Never give up
Stella Hughes Alexandria VA 3 12:00 PM Mt. Vernon Trail, entering from Crystal Drive.   $5 Running...one of my favorite things.
Roberta Massiah Alexandria VA Not Sure 7:00 AM     Over 1,000 4 MO
Lisa Nathan Alexandria VA 5 8:00 AM Mt. Vernon Trail Children's Hospital $10 Go runners!
Brian Robertson Alexandria VA 6.2 8:00 AM Ohio Drive, Washington, DC Rails to Trails Conservancy $50 Love to run!
Ashley Robinson Alexandria VA 13.1       $10 Dedicated to our long distance family!
Timothy Robinson Alexandria VA 13.1       $10 Dedicated to our long distance family!
Natalie Trogus Alexandria VA 1 9:00 AM Hayfield and Kingstowne Parkway Susan G. Komen $50 Running with my family and kids to show them being healthy is a wonderful thing!!!
Dennis Trogus alexandria VA 1 9:00 AM   Susan G Komen $50 I run to stay healthy
Alexandra Trogus alexandria VA 1 9:00 AM hayfield and kingstowne St Jude $20 i run to stay healthy
Lucas Trogus alexandria VA 1 9:00 AM hayfield and kingstowne St Jude $20 I run to stay healthy
Robert Robinson Appomattox VA 10 3:00 PM High Bridge Trail State Park in Pamplin, VA American Cancer Society $50 Running in memory of Dad (Walter Leonard Robinson)
Pam Robinson Appomattox VA 10 4:00 PM High Bridge Trail State Park Pamplin, VA   $50 Make the rest of your life the best of your life!
George Barido Arlington VA 6 11:00 AM Mt Vernon Trail, Arlington VA ACS $20 The 2 sure ways to fail are to never try and to quit.
Jean Barido Arlington VA   11:00 AM Mt Vernon Trail Arlington VA   $20 Be all you can be
Lindsay Robinson Arlington VA 5 8:00 AM Four Mile Run Drive SPCA $20 It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. That's what makes it great!
June Haviland Bristow VA 3.1 8:00 AM My Home NOCC $25 I run to stay healthy!
Lisa Nelson-Brown Burke VA 8 6:00 AM Burke Center Parkway Red Cross $5 It doesn't matter how far or fast you run, just run!
Katie Romano Centreville VA 10 8:00 AM Trinity Parkway, Centreville VA 20121   $25 in dedication of Rocky
Kristi Bergin-Smith Chesapeake VA 4 9:00 AM Oak Grove Park Susan G. Komen $50 I will because not everyone can!
Nicole DuBeck Chesapeake VA 6 11:00 AM Oak Grove Park in Chesapeake, VA Girls on the Run for South Hampton Roads $5 I am addicted to running, can't stop.
Diana Maxwell Chesterfield VA 3 9:00 AM Richmond, Virginia Kiva.org $25 You can't wait for inspiration, you have to chase it.
Shellie Buchanan Christiansburg VA 12 8:00 AM Huckleberry Trail   $5 Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.       ~ Gandhi
Jessica Bell Culpeper VA   9:00 AM     $20 Happy Run Day!
Anita Buroker Fairfax VA 3 7:00 AM     $20 do it--age doesn't matter
Anita Buroker Fairfax VA 3 7:00 AM     $20 Keep on movin.
Amanda Carter Fairfax VA Not Sure Not sure   Shriner's Hospitals $4 Kathy Miles Worthy Grand Matron Order of the Eastern Star (www.vaoestar.org)
Karen Zelonis Fairfax VA 10 5:00 AM My house   $75 Run!
Gail Staton Forest VA 3 8:00 AM Streets of Wyndhurst   $5 Run hard; live long
woodrow harper glen allen VA 5 9:00 AM   american red cross $20 Run, Run some more..Makes the BEER better !
Sue Wood Goode VA 3   streets of Wyndhurst American Cancer Society $20 I'm slow, I know, get over it!
Audra Webb Halifax VA 5 9:00 AM Halifax County Courthouse Steps Halifax, VA Girls Rock Book Club $9 No one ever drowned in sweat." -Author Unknown"
Amy Buglass Harrisonburg VA 6.2 12:00 PM Downtown Harrisonburg VA Cat's Cradle of the Shenandoah Valley $50 I am a cat lover and I love to run! http://youtu.be/sP4NMoJcFd4 Running to support Cat's Cradle VA
Brittany Leader Harrisonburg VA 4 Not sure     $4 All Things Are Possible
BJ Peace Henrico VA 3.1 8:00 AM Portugee Rd & Technology Blvd Camp Holiday Trails $20 I'll ride the wave where it takes me - e.v.
Cindy Crance Lexington VA 3 8:00 AM The streets of Windhurst Relay for Life $20 I'm slow I know, Get over it!
Susan Crabtree Lynchburg VA 5 8:00 AM Home AA&MDSIF $20 You can do more than you think you can" Dr. David Horton"
Karen Ford Manakin sabot VA 5 7:00 AM Manakin Sabot, VA ASPCA $50 Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.
Jennifer Jones-Calhoun Manassas VA 5 6:00 AM     $10 Psm.121
Michelle Weiler Manassas VA 5 9:00 AM 234   $1 !
James Warner MECHANICSVILLE VA 3.1       $25 Live life to the fullest
Mary Martinez Midlothian VA 3.1 7:00 AM Everett, wa Susan komen foundation $3 Dedicated to cancer survivors and those that lost the fight
Rich Kenney Newport News VA 13.1 8:00 AM Warwick Blvd., Christopher Newport University area United Way $20 Jesus Saves
Woodie Rea Newport News VA 3.1 8:00 AM Peoples Republic of Laos Fresno Interdenominational Refugee Ministries $50 Let Clean Water Flow
tammy fletcher norfolk VA 7 8:00 AM Ocean View   $1 :)
Barbara Kimzey Norfolk VA 3.1 Not sure Bayview & Granby   $5 I dedicate my run to my two daughters and being healthy!
Kim Pelke norfolk VA 7 8:00 AM     $1 go pack go
Noelle Sauceda Norfolk VA 5 6:00 AM Bonney Rd, VA US-Route 225, VA US- Route 58, S. Rosemont Rd, Bonney Rd, Virginia Beach, VA Run For Food International $5 In memory of my late father who has always instilled in me the love of sports.
Michele Smith-Harden Norfolk VA 27 7:00 AM The Freedom Marathon in Norfolk MS Society $25 If You Aim At Nothing, You Will Hit It Every Time.
virginia wilder norfolk VA 6 9:00 AM Norfolk, Winona Joy Fund $50 Run Forest, run!
Billie Holsclaw Petersburg VA 13.1 Not sure Woody Court, Petersburg, VA Pennies for Lenny $5 If it's important enough, you'll find a way...If not, you'll find an excuse!
Bill Murat Portsmouth VA 10 8:00 AM Start from my House on Arlington Place in Portsmouth to City park and back = 6.5 miles Boy Scout troop 212's personal fittness program. $10 Run to live & live to run
Anthony Chang Reston VA 3.1     American Cancer Society $20 Dedicated to my Mom.
Jeannie Crowley Reston VA 3 12:00 PM Reston, VA trails Humane Society of the Ohio Valley $100 Humane Society of the Ohio Valley staff who rescued my precious dog, Preston... www.hsov.org
Shannon Entrekin Rice VA 4 8:00 AM High Bridge Trail Active Heroes http://activeheroes.org/ $25 In memory of all US Military Veterans
Jennifer Baldwin Richmond VA 6 6:00 AM Byrd park fitness track, carytown Go red $1 Live life. Be brave.
Drema Walker Rocky Gap VA   Not sure 50 autumn ridge lane rocky gap va Bastian Union Church $100 Just Run!
melissa stephan smithfield VA 5 7:00 AM     $1 stay strong
Jody Penrod South Riding VA 10 8:00 AM   Wounded Warrior Foundation $25 For the Wounded Warrior Foundation
margarete brandon virginia beach VA 3 8:00 AM Virginia Beach Boardwalk Autism Awareness $10 Run Happy
Emily Crolley Virginia Beach VA 5 8:00 AM Virginia Beach Boardwalk St. Jude Children's Research Hospital $50 Life's short...wear stilettos.
Ashley Downey Virginia Beach VA 13.1 9:00 AM   MDA $20 Run hard or go home.
Tina Figueiredo Virginia Beach VA 8 7:00 AM Virginia Beach Blvd; East to West Animal Care Center of Norfolk $100 Life is Grand!!
Jennifer Haefner Virginia Beach VA 4   My house Caringbridge.org $50 You can't reach for anything new if your hands are full of yesterday's junk."~ Louise Smith"
amanda martin Virginia Beach VA 3 8:00 AM Board Walk Autism Awareness $10 Run Happy
Jessica Pine Virginia beach VA 14 Not sure Home Ymca $5 To my best friend/husband...and my son Landon Bryce... My biggest supporters and fans!
Erin Robertson Virginia Beach VA 3.1 8:00 AM Mount Trashmore SPCA $10 I'm not a runner" but I'm fated to pretend!"
Shiho Rybski virginia Beach VA   9:00 AM     $25 Dedicated to those who lost their lives in service to our country
Shiho Rybski virginia Beach VA 4 9:00 AM Around my house   $25 Dedicated to my girls
Margo Smallwood Virginia Beach VA 3.1 8:00 AM Seashore/First Landing State Park Empty Bowls $5 Happy Birthday, Mom!
Steven Toy Virginia Beach VA 10 11:00 AM Campion Ave Alzheimer's Foundation $5 Pitman Grandparents
Santrica Walker Virginia Beach VA 3 9:00 AM     $10 How fast you run does not matter..having the motivation to do it does..JUST RUN...
Lisa Pinasco Woodbridge VA 3.1 10:00 AM Port Potomac Neighborhood American Breast Cancer Society $10 If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.
Tamara Woodruff Yorktown VA 3.1 8:00 AM Not sure but somewhere in Elizabethtown, KY (going on vacation) Honor Flight Historic Triangle Virginia $25 Will run for chocolate.
Eric Weiss Alburgh VT 5 10:00 AM 736 Rte 15W, Hyde Park, VT NPCS $50 Lancers Rock
Mari Steinbach Burlington VT 6.2 8:00 AM Burlington Waterfront   $10 In celebration of my New Zealand adventures, and my new friendships that connect us.
Theresa Wilkens Craftsbury VT 6.2 9:00 AM Black River Road, Craftsbury, VT American Cancer Society $9 Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." RWE"
Kathy Town East Barre VT 5 6:00 AM 146 State Street, Montpelier, VT 05602 Project Independence, Barre, VT $5 running to show support for Veterans
Catherine Moller Hinesburg VT 6.2 5:00 PM Hinesburg Village Center American Cancer Society $1 No matter our pace we are lapping everyone on the couch.
Chris Lawrence Milton VT 6.2 9:00 PM Stone Bridge Road . $1 .
Jennifer West Newport Center VT 6.2 2:00 PM intersection of Lake Rd and Cross Rd in Newport Center, VT to the border and back   $20 Keep Moving Forward!
Makenzie McMullen Rutland Town VT Not Sure Not sure West Ridge Terrace Rutland Humane Society $25 This run is dedicated to my Dad who is always running with me in my heart.
Jean McMullen Rutland Town VT Not Sure Not sure     $25 Dedicated to Dave.
Casey McMullen Rutland Town VT Not Sure Not sure     $25 Dedicated to Dad.
Cindy Yager Underhill VT 3 7:00 AM Fox Lane, Westford, VT Green Mountain Pug Rescue $25 Run for Fun!
william josler white river junction VT 6.2 8:00 AM loop in white river junction vermont The Upper Valley Haven $50 still running @ 70
Debbie Tirrito Winooski VT 21 9:00 AM South Hero, Vermont and run to Winooski, Vermont Howard Center $100 Linda Brunelle
Marsha Bancroft Worcester VT 3 7:00 AM Hampshire Hill Rd, Worcester. VT Central Vermont Humane Society $10 Running is the best way to stay fit and young!
Lora Billow Anacortes WA 3.1 9:00 AM Tommy Thompson trail Bridge Christian fellowship youth missions $20 Cheers to all the runners!
William Nelson Arlington WA 12 8:00 AM Centennial Trailhead Animal fund $5 For those who would like to, but can't!
Elizabeth Aubert Auburn WA 3.1 11:00 AM Kent, Auburn, or Federal Way WA Operation Nightwatch $1 Suit up and show up, that's all that matters.
Anita Canonica Auburn WA   9:00 AM From my home Auburn Food bank $50 I run first for myself and secondly for family. To continue to be strong and healthy!
Sandra Skutt Auburn WA 8 9:00 AM Interurban Trail starting at Main Street Federal Way Public Schools $1 Melissa Harris--best training partner ever!
Nichol Orozco Bellevue WA 6 1:00 PM Green Lake Park, Seattle, WA   $5 :)
Michelle Mihail Burien WA 3.1 10:00 AM Three Friends Fishing Hole   $1 Gettin' back at it!
David Mihail Burien WA   10:00 AM Three Friends Fishing Hole Not Sure $1 Gettin' back at it!
Lynn Belles Camano Island WA 4 Not sure     $20 Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it. ~Bill Cosby
Ryker Belles Camano Island WA 4       $5 If you are close enough to read this, I will lick you.
Kathy Gascoigne Camano Island WA 6.2   Western Washington American Cancer Society $1 Running is not only good for your body, it's good for your soul!
Cheryl Wandro Camas WA Not Sure 9:00 AM Trail American Cancer Society $20 Running in memory of my father
Julie Distel Chattaroy WA 5 7:00 AM Chattaroy neighborhood Washington united for marriage $9 Be the change you wish to see in the world
Leesa Ewen Colville WA 5 1:00 PM SMOSS Outdoor Facility SMOSS $10 When the world says, Give up, Hope whispers, Try it one more time. - Author Unknown
Susan LeCaire Colville WA 7 10:00 AM Silver Crown Mountain Silver Crown Mountain Outdoor School $20 What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
alan klein enumclaw WA 4 Not sure We have a Bike path here in Enumclaw that runs parallel to Highway 410...that is where I will be Allegro Women's Ensemble $25 My wife Sherry...Your my best friend...Love you forever
Bruce Perrine Everett WA 3.1 3:00 PM Lowell River Front Park The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) $5 Running for my life. Just get out and do it.
Kim Hutchinson Federal way WA 3 11:00 AM Redondo Paws $50 I run for my Mom who is fighting cancer.
William Tomlinson Federal Way WA 5 9:00 AM Dash Point State Park Brooklake Community Church $20 Go for it!
stacey garmann ferndale WA 6.2 3:00 PM trails local pet shelter $25 woo hoo!!!
Lindsay Ashley Fife WA 3.1 9:00 AM Radiance Blvd in the Radiance Community, Fife WA   $10 Just became a runner in 2012!
Melissa Harris Fife WA 8 8:00 AM Interurban Trail, Auburn, WA   $5 Be Happy, But Never Satisfied - Bruce Lee
Leslie Sorensen Fort Lewis WA 9 9:00 AM   Wounded Warrior Project $1 For my husband currently serving in Afghanistan. 1 mile per month away. Proud of my man in camo!
Michela Mattens Freeland WA   Not sure Whidbey Island   $1 I got the winners edge Nance!!!
Nancy Ricketts Freeland WA Not Sure Not sure Whidbey Island   $5 Michela runs fast!!! ;-)
Natalie Wheeler Freeland WA   Not sure Whidbey Island   $1 I love my friends Nancy and Michela!! And Im nice Natalie :-)
Robert Fortune Grandview WA 3.1 7:00 AM Grandview to Prosser pathway.   $10 All the way!
Diane Fortune Grandview WA 3.1 7:00 AM Lincoln Grade   $10 Never stop moving!
Sharon Haussmann Kelso WA 5 8:00 AM Riverside Park Relay for Life $50 Dedicating my Father's Day Run to my dad-Paul,my hubby Kent&my father-in-law Kenny- best Dads EVER
Tonya Wall Marysville WA 5 10:00 AM Legion Memorial Park foster children $1 Every child deserves a family. I'm running for foster children worldwide!
Susan Streckenbach Mercer Island WA 5 10:00 AM Mercer Island Trails http://www.girlsontherun.org/ $75 For Hannelore, Kaia, Soren and Freya!
Michael Fabian Moses Lake WA 3 10:00 AM 721 ironwood   $1 run with heart and soul Scott jurek
Jenny Case Northport WA 4 10:00 AM Meadow Lake SMOS $10 You only ever grow as a human being if youre outside your comfort zone. -Percy Cerutty
anita miller northport WA 4 9:00 PM flatcreek rd Northport wa. please donate to a childrens fund $5 I run for all those who cant..
Darcy Zook Oak Harbor WA 5 2:00 PM Deception Pass Bridge, Oak Harbor WA Susan G. Komen $10 Dedicated to: Gregory Stephen Crandall, Missing in Action, Laos, 2/18/71 Let us not forget...
Randy Bustamante Otis Orchards WA 3.1 11:00 AM Northern Lights Brewery 1003 E. Trent to Green Street via Centennial Trail Shriners Hospital for Children Spokane Washington $3 Dance like it's your last dance.
Jordan Bustamatne Otis Orchards WA 3.1 11:00 AM Northern Lights Brewing Co. 1003 E. Mission Spokane WA. to Green Street via. Centennial Trail Shriners hospital for Children Spokane WA $5 Walk like it's your last walk.
Connie Krous Otis Orchards WA 3.1 11:00 AM Northern Lights Brewery 1003 E. Trent Spokane Wa. to Green St. Via Centennial Trail Shriners Hospital for children $5 Run like it's your last run.
Andrea Porter Otis Orchards WA 3.1 8:00 AM Mitchell, Otis Orchards JDRF $5 The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start." -John Bingham"
David Tucker Pacific WA 3.1 2:00 PM My house Union Gospel Missions $25 Running for my health and to celebrate 100lbs lost.
Nicole Reed Port Orchard WA 3 Not sure     $5 Just Put One Foot in Front of the Other
Laurinda Long Prosser WA 3.1 9:00 AM 1912 Benson Avenue United Good Neighbors $50 We never know which lives we influence or when, or why
Elizabeth Gray Pullman WA 6     Ronald McDonald House-Spokane, WA $25 Here's to my 8th race this year & to my Dad, who will be with me in my heart all the way!!
Tracy Clark Puyallup WA 3.1       $25 You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.
Karen Oyama Puyallup WA 6 10:00 AM Downtown Puyallup, WA   $50 I dedicate this run to my 10 year old son, who loves to race with me!
Logan Oyama Puyallup WA 6 10:00 AM downtown Puyallup, WA   $10 Champions are made from desire, determination and hard work.
Jules Mann Renton WA 10 10:00 PM Ron Regis Park St. Jude Children's Research Hospital $50 Life is short... running makes it seem longer.
Laurentiu Marinovici Richland WA 10 7:00 AM 3188 Willow Pointe Dr.   $10 I run for life! To my family and friends.
Cristina Marinovici Richland WA 3 8:00 AM     $1 I run for life! To my family and friends.
Rebecca Parker Richland WA 3.1 9:00 AM I will start at the corner of Swift and Birch.   $25 I dedicate World Run Day to my family!
Emma Garside Sammamish WA 13.1 9:00 AM the parking lot at 17700 102nd Ave NE, Bothell, WA 98011   $9 Looking forward to another awesome half marathon with Sue Stevens!
Susan Stevens Sammamish WA 13.1 Not sure parking lot at 17700 102nd Ave NE, Bothell, WA 98011 World Vision $50 For Dave and Jacob. With thanks to Alyssa, who got me started with half marathons.
Sonia Chan Seattle WA 1:00 PM 0:08:45 PanCAN No Green Lake You'll never regret going for a run, but you will regret not going." Not Sure"
Christine Henderson Seattle WA 3.1 9:00 AM Roads - not sure yet Operation Nighwatch $25 For my sister Beth, who inspires me to be better each day!
Kristen Pamintuan Seattle WA 3.1 12:00 PM Magnolia Estates & Gleneagle Outdoors For All Foundation $10 Running is the greatest metaphor for life because you get out of it what you put into it.
Woody Pang seattle WA 10 10:00 AM     $100 Time to Run
Christy Qualin Seattle WA 3.1 2:00 PM Nathan Hale High School track American Red Cross $25 Thanks Veterans and Families!
Sara Qualin Seattle WA 3.1 2:00 PM Nathan Hale HS track American Red Cross Disaster Relief $20 Do or do not-- there is no try.
Myla Salanga Seattle WA 3.1 9:00 AM 42nd & Phinney Ave. North, Seattle, WA Ronald McDonald House $10 Life is short so don't hold back...and just keep on running. ;-)
Kristi Johnson Sedro-Woolley WA 4 8:00 AM Padilla Bay Shore Trail Children International $20 I run for my health.
Mavis Donoghue Sekiu WA 25 9:00 AM Sekiu Heights, Sekiu Airport Rd, HWY112, Slip Point, HWY112 to M19.1 and back to M6 then home Team Lynn, 3 Day Walk for breast cancer $25 Pink for Mum
Jack O'Dell Selah WA 13.1 7:00 AM North Wenas Rd Easter Seals $10 For my mother Catherine M. O'Dell
Edward Burris Shelton WA 10 9:00 AM Shelton Matlock Rd FELINE FRIENDS, Steamboat Island, Wa $10 What you think is who you become!
Veronica Franada Shoreline WA 8 7:00 AM     $8 keep running
Beckie Freed Snohomsih WA 4 6:00 PM Snohomish Wa American Cancer Society $10 Time doesn't matter....it's the experience that does!
Samantha Rosas Snoqualmie WA 3 8:00 AM SE Ridge St. Jude $5 To the people who are struggling and the ones who are in need All you need is love""
Jose Rosas Snoqualmie WA WA 5 8:00 AM SE Ridge Red Cross $5 Por los que estamos y por los que se fueron
Wendy Davis Spokane WA 4 7:00 AM around my neighborhood in north spokane   $25 If it hurts, run faster. It won't stop hurting, but you'll be done sooner.
Victoria Stanton Spokane WA 3.1 11:00 AM 1003 E Trent. Northern Lights Brewing Co & Pub Shriners Hospital $5 For the Health of it.
Mark Stanton Spokane WA 3.1 11:00 AM 1003 E Trent, Spokane Shriners Hospital $5 For my wife.
kathryn Wrazidlo Spokane WA 5 10:00 AM Riverfront park American cancer society $10 My run is dedicated to my parents Viola and Darrell Valine.
Troy Sloan Spokane Valley WA 5 10:00 AM Cewntennial Trail @ Mirabeau Park World Relief-Spokane $50 On! On!
Danette Rocha Sunnyside WA 10 7:00 AM Sunnyside City Park Family Options $5 True joy is found in the simple pleasures God gives us every day.
Cynthia Clark Tacoma WA 4 8:00 AM 60th St E -44th-Pioneer -72nd -44th-60th American Cancer Society-Leukemia $20 Don't think of the rain as just water-think of it as Holy water.
Kelly Cory Tacoma WA 3 7:00 AM Tommy Thomson trail -anacortes, wa Girl Scouts of Western Washington $20 Run Forest Run!
Kim Wasierski TACOMA WA 3.1 Not sure   American Cancer Society $10 Running for those who want to, but can't.
Bill Byrd Vancouver WA 6 1:00 PM Hudsons Bay High School Vancouver rotary Club $25 There are no excusses, only prioritites
Jann Byrd Vancouver WA 5 7:00 AM Vancouver, Washington   $25 Great way to stay fit!
Jessica Carter Vancouver WA 5 10:00 AM home Humane Society $4 Running just for the hell-th of it!
Robert Geopfert Vancouver WA 6.2 7:00 AM Padden Parkway trail from my house to 117th Ave. USO for the wounded soldiers- $50 Thank you warriors for your sacrifice
Socorro Hernandez Vancouver WA 5 10:00 AM W 27th St. SW Washington Humane Society $5 Run for your life!!
Kim Rich Vancouver WA 13.1 8:00 AM W Pender Street Marriott Hotel Vancouver BC - on a vacation. Children Cancer Association $50 Run for a healthy tomorrow.
Ron Rushford Vancouver WA 5 9:00 AM From Fort Vancouver WA National Historic Site accros Land Bridge" finish @ Columbia River" Clark Co. Running Club $9 For best life - RUN
Kim Kleewein Woodinville WA 3.1 10:00 AM Duvall Trail Toys For Tots $20 Dedicated to my mother
Bert Kleewein Woodinville WA 3.1 10:00 AM Duvall Trail Girls On The Run $20 To my family
Auggie Kleewein Woodinville WA 3.1 10:00 AM Duvall Trail Girls on the Run $20 For my family
Bonnie Isom Yakima WA 13.1 9:00 AM Barge and 23rd Avenue, Yakima WA union Gospel Mission $25 One more mile!
Rosa Jackson Yakima WA 6 6:00 AM 72nd Avenue   $5 Philippans 4:13-I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength
Chad Michael Yakima WA 5 1:00 PM     $20 Run like you stole those shoes!
Kathryn Ortolf Yakima WA 7 9:00 AM 23rd avenue And Barge st union gospel mission $25 I can do this.
Amy Domgaard Yelm WA Not Sure 5:00 PM     $20 It will be worth it
Nicole Doebert Appleton WI 3.1 12:00 PM Independence Ct, Appleton, WI Fox Valley Symphony $25 If not now...when? You can do more than you think you can. Seize the moment!
Tanya Rosenthal Appleton WI 3.1 Not sure Riverside Park, Neenah WI Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation, Inc. $20 If the word quit is part of your vocabulary, then the word finish is likely not." B.G. Jett"
Tess VandeWalle Appleton WI 3.1 8:00 AM     $1 run free
Scott Coles Ashland WI 7 8:00 AM 15th Ave and Rec. Trail Leukemia and Lymphoma Society $20 Running for my son and my family.
Mandy Onstad Burlington WI 13.1 8:00 AM 381 Conkey Street, Burlington WI 53105   $1 I run today cuz one day I wont be able to.
Jeff Treml casco WI 6 9:00 AM Cty Road C Casco   $1 born to run
Kimberley Slinde combined locks WI 5 7:00 AM Apple creek trail Leukemia and lymphoma society $3 Run happy!
Adele Pitt Cudahy WI 5 11:00 AM College Ave in Cudahy (Milwaukee) Wis Ronald McDonald House $5 Joy is in the journey... Go the distance and smile!
Danielle Shinkus Darien WI 13.1 7:00 AM Im not sure   $5 For Sue J. Almost There my friend!
Lundyn Foss De Pere WI 0.5 9:00 AM Kettle Creek Dr. American Red Cross $1 inspire health
Ian Foss De Pere WI 0.5 9:00 AM Kettle creek Dr. American Red Cross $1 inspire health
Melissa Foss De Pere WI 3 9:00 AM Kettle Creek Dr. American Red Cross $1 inspire health
Levi Foss De Pere WI 0.5 9:00 AM Kettle Creek American Red Cross $1 inspire health
Pat Curry Deerfield WI 8 9:00 AM S Main to london rd to london to the trail back to Deerfield and main st Colon cancer foundation $5 Running is free and good for you.
Jill Champ DePere WI 2 7:00 AM   Salvation army $5 Run when you can, walk when you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up." -Dean Karnazes"
Jim Severson Eau Claire WI 3.1 8:00 AM Cameron St. Trout unlimited $5 I dedicate my run to my children that they to will find the peace and goodness in running.
Rom Gempesaw Eleva WI 3.1 10:00 AM County Rd HH Eau Claire County Humane Society $25 Lead a healthy lifestyle!
luke Burlingame Fort Atkinson WI 6.2 2:00 PM   Special olympics $10 To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
Amanda Eischen Grafton WI 10 10:00 AM Grafton   $100 Run is dedicated to all friends and family suffering with health problems.
Shannon Markiewicz Green Bay WI 3.1 9:00 AM UW-Green Bay campus   $1 So psyched for this!
Shannon Markiewicz Green Bay WI 13 9:00 AM UW-Green Bay water.org $5 run because you'll die if you don't
Dawn Klaes Hammond WI 4 10:00 AM Broadway in Hammond   $1 nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome
Franny Meyer-Briggs Holcombe WI 5 9:00 AM Near Holcombe, WI Goodwill $25 I run for those who can't!
Tami Keenan Independence WI 5 9:00 AM     $3 RUN~
Angie Zak Ixonia WI 8       $20 Dedicated to all the orphans in China.
Jessica Filter Janesville WI 2 10:00 AM   National Emphysema Foundation $5 Love you Papa!
Justin Filter Janesville WI 2 10:00 AM   National Emphysema Foundation $10 This is for you Papa! Love you!
Jared Filter Janesville WI 2 10:00 AM   National Emphysema Foundation $10 Love you Papa!
Karyn Gramley Janesville WI 2 10:00 AM   National Emphysema Foundation $10 Love you Dad!
Lori Haldeman Janesville WI 5 1:00 PM We'll start from home and do our 5 mile route! Either ECHO or ELCA World Hunger. $100 You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result
Bond Haldeman janesville WI 3 1:00 PM start from home. ECHO or ELCA World Hunger $100 Whenever you are confronted with an opponent. Conquer him with love.
Charlie Petitt Janesville WI 3.1 1:00 PM Trail crossing near the corner of Lincoln and Riverside Streets in Janesville, Wisconsin Rock County Humane Society $25 Dedicated to the memory of Dana Lee Petitt. Visit www.ookingdom.com/kingslog/2012/dana
Rebecca Kerkenbush Jefferson WI 5 8:00 AM   Jefferon County Humane Society, Jefferson, WI $25 The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start." -John Bingham"
Nikki Campagna Kenosha WI         $50 You are only one run away from a good mood!
Ken Campagna Kenosha WI       Avon Walk $50 I run for those who cannot run!
Ginny Easter Kenosha WI 3.1 7:00 AM Kenosha, WI Avon Walk for Breast Cancer $50 You can have results or excuses - not both!
Christine Salvatore Kenosha WI 3.1 9:00 AM 19th Ave Kenosha WI Friends of Autism $50 For my grandson: starting out walking, working up to a run.
Lindsay Hanson Madison WI 3 Not sure     $6 --
Jeanette Krause Madison WI 4 9:00 AM Madison   $10 Adventure is out there!
melinda mcnichols madison WI 6.2       $20 for Dotsie
Sandra Rodenberg Madison WI 5 11:00 AM     $10 Running for the Health Of It.
megan sisson madison WI 6.2       $20 dedicated to Dotsie
Kimberly Virden Madison WI 3.1 9:00 AM Valley Ridge park, Madison (west) Paws With a Cause Service Dogs $10 I run for Epilepsy Awareness - what you can do!
Derek Norkol maple WI 27 9:00 AM     $25 Run 4 recovery
Mary Kovach Marion WI 5 4:00 PM 20 laps at High School track Marion public library $10 The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start. -John Bingham"
Laura Taake Mauston WI 13.1 8:00 AM Mauston rural roads   $25 Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they've got a second. Wm. James
Joanne Vanness Menasha WI 4 7:00 AM From home and around the neighborhood   $20 Life is to short, you need to run for it.
LuAnn Wickeham Menasha WI 6 9:00 AM Corner of Fieldview Dr. and Dreamfield Dr., Menasha, WI St. Joe's Food Pantry $25 I'll run because I can.
Tom Wickeham Menasha WI 6 9:00 AM Fieldview Drive at Dreamfield Drive, Menasha, WI St. Joseph's Food Pantry $25 To my wife - who inspired me to begin running.
Fay Sukow Merrill WI 10 7:00 AM County Rd X Salvation Army $20 The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.
Jody Sukow Merrill WI 5 7:00 AM County Rd X Salvation Army $20 Run hard, be strong, think big!
Michelle Czlapinski Milladore WI 3       $10 The miracle isnt that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start. - John Bingham
Karen Molloy Milwaukee WI 3.1 8:00 AM Around Wauwatosa. Up North Ave to 76th St, through the village into Hoyt Park and back to North Ave   $20 Running for the health of it
Susan Reedy Muscoda WI 6 7:00 AM Riverside Park, Muscoda, Wisconsin Iowa County Humane Society $10 I Dedicate this run to Victoria McGraw who is battling cancer and can not run herself <3
Melissa Giebel New Holstein WI 3.1 4:00 PM   Harbor House Domestic Abuse Programs $5 Your legs are not giving out. Your head is giving up. Keep Going.
Thomas Michels New Richmond WI 3.1 8:00 AM Disney World, Orlando FL Hope House $20 Looking forward to this again this year.
Jeff Goller Oak Creek WI 3.1 8:00 AM My favorite route in Oak Creek, WI American Lung Association $25 I run for others who can't.
Chris Baganz Oshkosh WI Not Sure 7:00 AM Menominee Park Alzheimers Association $20 For Goldie
Emily Engelke Oshkosh WI 10 9:00 AM Oregon St & 20th St, down to Main and over bridge Miriam B. White Foundation for Breast Cancer $50 Most people dream about success. The rest of us get up and work hard for it!
Ragan Pecore Oshkosh WI 10 5:00 AM Main st, bent st, kentucky st and nevada st Compassion International $40 Jesus Christ, Saviour, Redeemer, Friend, by whom I live, breathe and run.
Amy Smith Oshkosh WI Not Sure 7:00 AM Menominee Park FCC $20 Run Amy Run!
Kristyn Rein Pewaukee WI         $25 The miles can build you up or the miles can wear you down it's all about how you approach it.""
Debra Gorman Racine WI 7       $20 I dedicate this run to my mom
Daniel Clark Reedsburg WI Not Sure Not sure     $1 For the veterns past and present.
Laura Albright Ripon WI 13.1 9:00 AM Egg Harbor, Door County, Wisconsin   $10 My first 13.1
Justin Sorenson Sheboygan WI 13.1 9:00 AM Moenning Rd, Sheboygan, WI   $1 Have fun!
Jennifer Grota Sturgeon Bay WI         $5 Run it to finish
Kathy Ducat Sun Prairie WI 3 9:00 AM Kettlecreek Dr. De Pere, WI American Red Cross $500 Dedicated to inspiring others to be healthy
Mike Herrick Superior WI 3 Not sure A course I selected is within the neighborhood I live. To many streets to name. The local Salvation Army. $10 The completion of any run starts with a single step.
Kathie Norkol superior WI 27 9:00 AM     $25 serenity 4 us
Susan Bartels Sussex WI 6.2 1:00 PM Bugline Recreational Trail, Sussex, WI Lung cancer $100 Running for Dad because I can!
Michelle Behl Waterloo WI 5 4:00 PM Anna St., Waterloo Autism Speaks $1 The ability to run the extra mile is in between your ears.
jeffrey meade watertown WI 5 11:00 AM     $25 if you can...run far, fun and often
Ann Nagle Watertown WI 3.1 Not sure Wherever the wind blows me.   $20 Running beats doing nothing!
Anne Padgett Waukesha WI 6.2 9:00 PM Thru Olympia Resort in Oconomowoc, WI CCFA & American Cancer Society $25 This run is dedicated to my friends kickin' Crohn's, colitis & Cancers BUTT!!
Boyd Featherston Wautoma WI   9:00 AM Menasha, WI   $9 In memory of Russell Bowers
Amy Schneider Wautoma WI   9:00 AM Menasha, WI   $5 In memory of Russell Bowers
Jack Misch West Salem WI 5 6:00 PM On the courner of Saddlewood Court and Lewis Street, in West Salem, WI Invisible Children $25 This one is for my mom who encouraged me to strive to be the best I could be! Thank you, mom!
Margaret Slupecki Whitefish Bay WI 6 8:00 AM Whitefsih Bay WI Boxes of Love $20 Running for my family who is so supportive of me!
rachel hintz Wind Lake WI 7 1:00 PM On the Racine County Bike Trail   $10 I will dedicate this run to Team Kiyoko
Marie Rasmusson Wind Lake WI 10 7:00 AM Windsong Court, Wind Lake run around Wind Lake. Susan G. Komen $1 We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.
Nanci Green Wisconsin Rapids WI 3.1 8:00 AM Wisconsin Rapids, WI Assumption Catholic Schools $100 Life's an adventure not a guided tour.
Wendy Barker Barboursville WV 2     Catholic Charities $1 For my family.
Suzette Nunley Bluefield WV 3.1 Not sure park   $10 Drink water and run like a freak!
Catherine Baker Fairmont WV Not Sure Not sure     $5 Get out there and run!
Heather Haddix Fairmont WV Not Sure Not sure 1236 Hillcrest Rd Fairmont wv, 26554   $1 Live Laugh Run =)
Connie Howell Huntington WV 10 9:00 AM   World Wildlife Fund $25 It all starts with taking that first step. Otherwise you're just standing still.
Cheri Hall Lewisburg WV 3.1 9:00 AM Rolling Hills   $5 I will run for those who still live in my heart that can't be here to run!
Rachel Byrne Morgantown WV 10 9:00 AM Mon River Rail Trail Girls on the Run Mon County $25 I'm running the for GOTR SoleMates- support me! http://www.active.com/donate/moncountygotr/RByrne100
Mandi Roberts Morgantown WV 5 Not sure Ruby Memorial parking lot by Ronald McDonald House. ASPCA $25 This is for all of my fellow Do-Lifers out there!
Kim Stooke Parkersburg WV 5 2:00 PM Parkersburg City Park World Vision $25 Happiness is found in the journey.
Chelsea Long Ravenswood WV 3 10:00 AM Little Sandy Road American Cancer Society $1 I wouldn't be here without God!
michelle james scott depot WV 5 7:00 AM Scott Depot, WV Wounded Warrior Project $1 Live, Laugh, Run
Cathy Bisiar Casper WY 7 10:00 AM Rotary Park Road. Susan G. Koman $10 Light the Fire Within" 2002 Winter Olympic Motto"
Haylie Wendland Casper WY 6 8:00 AM Soccer fields   $5 It's an obsession, not a hobby!
Julie Almquist Cheyenne WY 3.1 7:00 AM   SIDS $5 For my health.
Eric Underhill Cheyenne WY 6.2 9:00 AM Oxford Dr and Concord Comea Homeless Shelter $10 Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway - John Wayne
Frances Caster Chugwater WY 13.1 9:00 AM 4198 Co Rd 116 CVC Youth Activities Fund $20 Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness--Earl of Derby
Roxanne Fish Lusk WY 8 6:00 AM Home to the end of 28 road and back Relay for Life $10 For my dad...who was always my biggest fan.
Lee-Ann Davis Rock Springs WY 3 10:00 AM Dewar Dr.   $1 This run is dedicated to my beautiful children.
Angela Michel Worland WY 3.1 Not sure     $20 .
Kristin Bischof Apo AE   3 Not sure Meet at Derelic Juction in the center of McMurdo. Proceed to Hut Point along normal route & return.   $1 Running in Antarctica! Damn it's a harsh continent!
Treasa Earls County Wicklow   13.1 9:00 AM The Murrough Wicklow Town Wicklow Hospice Foundation $500 you dont have to be an expert to enjoy the experience
F. Werner Magdeburg   10 10:00 AM Kustrenaer Straße, Bernburg, Deutschland open document foundation $10 www.werner.biz. run forrest, run!
Deborah Walker Oberwil   6 10:00 AM Goldenthalweg Oberwil Cancer Society $50 Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most. -Buddha
Leandro Ortolan São Paulo   5 5:00 PM Malongo Base Cabinda Angola   $2 Go further, live longer!
Berny Poirier Saskatoon   5 10:00 AM     $10 Run for Life!!
Marie Poirier Saskatoon   Not Sure 10:00 AM     $10 Run with Heart!!
Bronwyn Large Stroud   6.2 11:00 AM Co-op, Slad Road   $9 I am participating to promote the sport that I love with the hope that others can enjoy it too.

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