World Run Day 2009
A few quick stories from our 2009 World Run Day event

Additionally you may click here for the 2009 World Run Day Individual Virtual Run Participant Listing as of November 8, 2009

Thanks to all who participated in the spirit of the day!

Posted by Bill McDermott, World Run Day Event Coordinator


World Run Day – Bensalem, PA

Dear Bill

I just wanted to give you an update on our fundraising efforts for the 2009 World Run Day event. We set the bar pretty high by using our 2008 WRD total as our fundraising goal. As you know, 2008 proved to be a great year for Kidneeds when we raised $8,500.00. Due to the economic climate, we were concerned that we might not meet our goal. I am astounded to state that we have raised $12,504.00 from the 2009 World Run Day fundraiser! That is a 47% increase in donations from the previous year! Donations were 62% offline and 38% online at

We spread the word about our event by sending a letter to friends and family detailing the event and our charity, Kidneeds. That letter was sent via email and USPS mail. This year we extended our reach by publishing a letter in our church bulletin and utilizing the Facebook Events feature.

Our event took place on the Bensalem High School track in Bensalem, Pennsylvania which is just outside Philadelphia. The event offered participants the option of a 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk or a 5K Run/Walk. Participants ranged in age from 4 to 74. There were 30 runners for the 1 Mile Fun Run, 8 runners in the 5K, and a total of 52 walkers. We had a great turnout!

We will definitely see you in 2010!

Karen Williams
World Run Day 2009
Bensalem, PA
Benefit for Kidneeds

World Run Day – Anchorage, AK

Hi Bill!

Thought I’d let you know what a great day we had celebrating world run day in Anchorage . We’ve had a mild fall with only a dusting of snow so we were able to run on the trails without wearing snowshoes. Our family ran together from home then split up (boys and girls) when we got to the trails. There was a light snow falling and it was beautiful! I’m attaching our family photos. Thanks so much for organizing this event. We all look forward to it each year.

All the best,
Leiza, Paul, Zach & Cassidy (also pictured is Steele, our dog)

World Run Day - Rome, NY


We had 16 runner total for our run. All loved the t-shirts. Some ran four miles and another group ran 10 miles. We chose the Rome Chapter of the American Red Cross as our charity. Our small, yet very generous group raise $230.00, which I will deliver on Wed. We hope to have it earmarked for families who have been burned out of their homes.

From Lorna Deily

World Run Day – Boulder, CO

Hi Bill,

As per requested, highlights from our 5k and 10k finishers.

Taylor Lynn Chase
Running the World - A Runner’s Guide to Europe

World Run Day – Winterville, NC


We are William (Bib #2) & Linda Butler (Bib #1) of Winterville, NC.

This morning we drove to Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point NC and ran a 4 1/2 mile, combined Track & Trail Run. We ran for 71 minutes 45 seconds and had a great time. The morning had a chill at first, but quickly rose to a comfortable temperature to complete the run.

World Run Day - Fontana, CA

Hi Bill!! I have photos and Video for you!! Sending them now...we had an awesome morning with 33 runners out...11 were sick and didn't show and other were in different states running...sooo cool!!

World Run Day – Bena, VA

Touch New Photos – Bena, VA:
Here are a couple of pics of the three of us who ran in "Beautiful Beaucalic Downtown Bena, VA" We had a blast and the two ladies went further than they ever have before...4.5 miles! It was a struggle, but they did it! Way to go Amy and Angela...Blessings.

We were please to cite the Fisher House as our charity. Their housing of military families of terminally ill patients, at many military hospital sites was a blessing for us many years ago for our son, Nick. Nick had Cystic Fibrosis, and received a double lung transplant in 2002 at University of Virginia Hospital. He lived a very full 6 years with those lungs, but finally passed on 6 April 2008 at the age of 30. Next Friday, 13 November, will be his 32nd birthday. We love him still.

Thank you for this event and an opportunity to make 3 statements in one event. We hope World Run Day grows in our area, and we will let others know about it for next year.

World Run Day – Princeton, NJ

Just wanted to share with you our celebration of World Run Day – just the two of us, in a small suburb of Princeton, on a rare but beautiful sunny day…
Hopefully there were 1000’s of other small contributions, like us, throughout the world that when all added together made one big contribution! ;-)

Teresa Fearis Global Alliances Director

World Run Day – Wauconda, IL

Dear Bill,

We might have been your smallest Run Day 2009 Event. We ran 4 miles around Bangs Lake in Wauconda, IL on Sunday November 8th. Participants: Candy Cooper and Jenny Koeppen. Our daughters Grace Koeppen and Grace Cooper biked with us!

Jenny Koeppen

World Run Day – Pittsburgh


For world run day my dad and I did a 10k. It was a idyllic day here in Pittsburgh. I was a rower in high school and college so the course we picked began at the boathouse I rowed out of in high school. We followed a path than ran parallel with the Allegheny River into the city. And at the turnaround point there was a new statue of Mr. Rodgers that was dedicated this past week, so we got a picture there as well. We even had a guy ask about the run. He said "that date looks like today," so we did our part in getting the word out. All in all it was a success. I really took to the idea of giving to charity as part of this run. Thanks for the chance!

Melissa Brandfass

World Run Day – Riverbank, CA

Did my World Run 5k in 29:26, and I've attached my photo in my World Run T-shirt
Loved it!!!!
Shelli Johnson

World Run Day – Cary, NC

Hi Bill,

We had a blast on World Run Day in Cary, NC!! I've attached a photo of our small group -- this date fell on a long weekend break from school, but next year we are hoping to do it again with a larger crowd!!! it was great nonetheless, and collected money for The Achilles Track Club, based in NYC.


Jennifer Butler

World Run Day – Centerville, OH

Hi! My name is Katrina Altensee, I ran for World Run Day here in Centerville, Ohio. My fundraising for 'Wine to Water' brought in $350 total using the firstgiving website. Thanks for putting together this great idea - I can't wait until next year's and will hopefully get more people to join me from the Dayton, OH area! (attached is a photo of me and my running buddy!)
Katie Altensee

World Run Day – Colleyville, TX

Just wanted you to see the Weigman Family after their 2 mile run! Here is John and Becca Weigman withour four kids – Cecilia (13), Bernadette (10), Pete (8) and Tim (6). Not pictured are our two canine runners, Moses and Reagan! Thanks for a great day. Our kids are already counting the days until next November which will be their third Word Run Day!


John and Becca Weigman
Colleyville, Texas

World Run Day – La Veta, CO


Attached are photos of our WRD event. The pacers were out and crossed the path taken by Kathy(yellow jacket), leading 5 runners and Keita our ranch dog, 19 people, 17 runner and 2 on ATV for support.
$570.00 of cash donations to Spanish Peaks Art Council, a matching grant will double the amount.
Local business donated gifts given to the runners.

Tom & Kathy Coseno
La Veta, Colorado

World Run Day


There were 6 of us that set a 10K course around our town this morning. We ran for, and donated to A.L.S. Association, in memory of our dear friend Donald Lee Williams.

The first picture is of two of my daughters, Theresa Crady, myself (visor and sunglasses) and Laura Enderle. The second pic has my oldest daughter, Trish Coleman, in the middle of 2 of her friends, left, Shanda Shutte, and Jen Whitlock.
We had a great time....and looking forward to doing it again in 2010! Thanks for all you do for World Run Day!

World Run Day

Picture of Bonnie Lees run on Nov 8th for World Run day. I ran for Dorothy Day house which helps feed the homelees in the area. I ran for food with my dogs Molly, Charlie and Sadie.
It was a baeutiful day .


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